September 18, 2014

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Transcript September 18, 2014

Curriculum night

SEPTEMBER 18, 2014

Game plan for life

HES is a special place where the EXTRAORDINARY happens! A place where every individual is COMMITTED to SUCCESS and WINNING AT THE GAME OF LIFE ! We are blazing a path for the future by removing any obstacle that would hinder the greatness of our students. A path that will allow our students to become whatever they DREAM or ASPIRE to be!


Play One: BE POSITIVE! Always say I can, not I can’t!

Play Two: BE A LEADER! Always be an example of greatness!

Play Three: BE TEACHABLE! Keep learning every day, every day, EVERY day!

Play Four: BE A TEAM PLAYER! Working together is ALWAYS better!

Play Five: BE TECHNOLOGY LITERATE! Use technology to be more productive not destructive!


Do the right thing because it’s the right thing to do! Be safe!

Be respectful and responsible!

Be ready to learn!

BALANCED LITERACY Because reading is a vital skill to be successful in today’s society, we believe that as educators, our responsibility is to design a reading program that will reach ALL levels of students and will be relevant, successful, and fun! Balanced literacy is a program that was developed on the principal that ALL children can read and write! It follows the gradual students.

release of responsibility from teacher to It incorporates all elements of literacy and integrates areas into reading and writing as well. other content

DAILY FIVE APPROACH Read to Self Read to Someone Word Work Writer’s Workshop Teacher Led Guided Reading Groups


MY MATH CENTER BASED LEARNING    Common Core Components   Text Homework  On-line  Password/username  Review/remediation tools  Spiral Quizzes Structure  Rotations


 Content Area  Weather and Climate  Stars and the Solar System  Light and Sound  Characteristics and Growth of Organisms  Interactive Notebooks  Technology Tools  Hands-On Experiments  Science Fair


South Carolina PASS Coach Book

US Studies Weekly Newspaper

Interactive Student Notebooks

Technology Tools

Learn 360

Brain Pop


 Brevard, NC  April 6-8  Approximately $220  Broken into payments  Only 7 spots available per teacher  No Refunds  Behavior

SWIMMING LESSONS  J Marion Sims  USC-Lancaster  2 Weeks  Counts towards PE Class  End of Unit Grade for Science  May 11 th - 2 nd  No bikini’s or swim shirts  End of unit celebration


Model writing and reading…make lists, write notes, let your children help you keep records of events! Create a literature rich environment! Leave books, magazines, and all types of media around for your child to discover! Encourage your child to write letters, thank you notes, cards, etc. Have game nights and encourage active learning!

Play interactive games on the internet (website list available) Listen to books on CD while in the car or at home.

Have your child read aloud to siblings or to you!