Transcript Traveling

All interesting facts about it


 Some people like me enjoy travelling. Somebody wants to learn new information, somebody- to visit new places.

 I have been to many different places.

 Travelling is a way to see different places and learn their traditions.


Some people adore travelling by plain because it is very comfortable and doesn't take a lot of time.  Rich people prefer to travel by ship, because they can have a comfortable rest with unforgettable impressions. You are able to enjoy a seaview and warm water in the swimming -pool where you can swim.  As for me, I adore travelling by train, because it isn’t expensive and you can spend your time reading a book or chatting with passengers.

My Dream

 I would like to travel to Egypt or England. I think that there are many places to visit. And I learn English improve my knowledge and in future I am going to visit England.  I am going to travel to England by plane because travelling by train or by car takes a lot of time.

Places, which I have visited

I have been abroad only once. I was in Saint Petersburg. It is a beautiful city with different places and 100.000 people visit it every year. I think it is the most popular city in Russia.  We can visit there many wonderful places like The Hermitage, The Winter Palace and other interesting buildings. In Saint-Petersburg you can enjoy white nights. It mean, that at night it is not dark.

 I think it is a wonderful city with its own mysteries and riddles.

I can show you the way how I travelled to Saint-Petersburg from the Crimea, Sevastopol. I went by a train there. This route is marked with a light blue line.

The Hermitage

When I was in Saint-Petersburg I visited the most famous museum in the world.

The Hermitage consist of 7 buildings like Winter Palace, Little Hermitage, Big Hermitage, Hermitage Theatre, Old Hermitage and New Hermitage. It contains a huge collection of pictures of well-known artists. Alexander the Great and Roksana. A picture of Italian artist Rotari (1756) from the Hermitage

Also in Hermitage we can see statues, monuments and carpets which were doing by famous people.

Roksana By Rotary

My plans

 I am going to visit some countries on summer holidays. It can be Japan, Spain, England or Scotland.

 As for me I traveling to new some cultures and learn different places.  To my mind, travelling can open you different mysteries about traditions and religions of countries.

My memory

I remember my first visit to Saint-Petersburg. It was unforgettable. Monuments, statues, castles, which I have visited, will be on my memory forever.

 Thus I spent my summer holidays abroad.

The End