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Transcript 07 - Powerpoint presentation

Miami, Florida
Located in the
southeastern region of the
United States
Students and staff sort donations of books at Yvonne
Learning Center in Miami. From left: Manessa, LaJoy,
Gregorie, Alicia, Principal Dr. Yvrose Beauregard,
Brandon, and Leann
Andrea Baker (right) and Kamalah Fletcher (left) work
together at the South Florida Community
Development Coalition.
Eighth graders from Sarasota Christian School help
weed an urban garden during a DOOR service trip in
Sarasota Christian School students are led in
worship by Danielle, Joey, Ricky and Naomi.
Yvonne Learning Center students. Front, from left to
right: LaJoy and Gregorie. Back, from left to right:
Brandon, Manessa, Leann.
We can support the ministries of
DOOR and Mission Network
$130 covers one day of support
from mission Network for DOOR’s
ministries around the country.
$6 supports one Mennonite
Voluntary Service participant for
one day of service
$50 helps cover the cost of
orientation for one first-year
Service Adventure leader
$150 helps young adults spend a
year learning and serving around
the world with the Radical Journey
Together, the children and
congregations of
Mennonite Church USA
and Mennonite Mission
Network are helping build
the church.