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National Emergency
Number Association
Wireless enhanced 9-1-1
Indiana’s structure,
initiative and the road ahead
Ken Lowden, Executive Director
IN Wireless 9-1-1 Board
Indiana Wireless Advisory Board
Chairman – State Treasurer Richard Mourdock
Executive Director – Ken Lowden
PSAP representatives
Wireless Representatives
James Alexander
Madison, Indiana
Jerry Branock, Regional Manager –
Emergency Services
Lori Forrer, E911 Director,
Cass County
Logansport , Indiana
Harold Williams, Captain
Jasper County Sheriff's Dept
Rensselaer, Indiana
Larry Jones, Operations Manager
Verizon Wireless
Mike Schulte, Assistant Vice
President, Midwest Technical
L. Robert Kimball – consultant to the Board
Indiana’s 50¢ surcharge
Indiana’s PSAPs
136 WE911 call taking PSAPs in 92 counties
Most counties are consolidated for 9-1-1
– 13 counties with primary / primary PSAPs
– 11 counties with primary / secondary PSAPs
Unconsolidated counties are:
– highly urbanized
– college towns
– challenging terrain for
dispatch radio coverage
#1 challenge to consolidation is radio inter-operability
Primary / Primary
this map shows
counties with
multiple primary
are 13
counties shown
911 call takers in
these counties
serve an individual
local jurisdiction
on a primary call
taking basis
Primary / Secondary
this map shows
counties with
primary / secondary
there are 11
counties shown
the primary
PSAP transfers a
WE911 call on an
inter-agency basis
Indiana’s pre-Next Gen project
Indiana Wireless Direct Network – IWDN
two generations
–project Crossroads –
started at the end of carrier and PSAP
cost recovery from 1996 to 2006
–IN911 network
private IP over fiber optic network
 pre-next generation resilient packet
Indiana’s pre-Next Gen stats
12 wireless carriers serve Indiana
2.6 million WE911 calls a year
(and growing)
90% of complete phase II service in the state
–all carriers to all PSAPs
–only 54 work elements
remain for 100% P-II
4.2 million wireless users
call setup time < 10 seconds statewide
call setup time < .1 second for IP / PRI PSAPs
Top 9-1-1 issues
“competitive neutrality”
leading to surcharge pick-and-choose
–wireless 50¢ a number
–wireline 35¢ to $3.00 a phone line
declining funding / changing call volumes
barriers to implementation
–access to equipment
not owned by the PSAP
“statutory erosion” by the old guard
Contact Info
Ken Lowden
Executive Director
Indiana Wireless 9-1-1 Board
[email protected]