Partnering & Packaging

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Transcript Partnering & Packaging

The Marketing Landscape
Partnering & Packaging
• Creates authentic experiences that provide a unique
sense of place
• Keeps visitors in town longer
• Stretches the marketing budget
• OPBBA “Passport to
the Olympic Peninsula”
Creating An Integrated Marketing Program:
Think It Through
• Most effective marketing/promotion campaigns utilize a variety of
tools & tactics
• Plan Ahead
• Identify your audience
• Select modes of communication that enable you to reach this
audience in the most cost-effective manner
• Collaborate with partner organizations to help stretch the budget
The Marketer’s Toolbox
A. Traditional Media – Different, but Still Relevant!
Newspapers & Magazines
Online advertising: can be less costly than print advertising; interactive
engaging ads; ad can appear in more than one location; some
demographic targeting available; longer presence; include web links; user
Growth in niche publications (print & electronic) help to better target
Special interest electronic newsletters provide additional opportunity to
reach target audiences
Bonus editorial opportunities
Electronic Publications
The Marketer’s Toolbox
Television News
TV News websites offer additional
opportunity for coverage
Permission-Based Email Marketing
More talk-shows popping up on cable
and network affiliate stations offering
opportunity for free publicity (i.e.
Margaret Larson’s New Day
Permission-Based Email
All traffic driven to campaign
Lodging specials offered by
partner venues
Promotes drawing for weekend
getaway (donated by partner
businesses); takes user to enter to
win page; database collects data
for future marketing
KING generates report detailing
# of openings & click-thrus
Marketer’s Tool Box
Broadcast AM/FM radio still has larger share of listening audience (51%)
than CDs (16%); Satellite Radio (7%); Ipod/MP3 (5%); Streamed Audio on
Computers (4%) Source: Vocus 2010 State of the Media Report
Radio technology is best positioned to move into digital environment
Increased interplay between broadcast radio and new applications
Marketer’s Tool Box
Broadcast Radio/Digital Applications:
Streamed Ads
Video Pre-Roll
Text Campaigns
Electronic Newsletters
Promotional Opportunities (Contesting; Giveaways)
Marketer’s Toolbox
B. Social Media
A group of Internet-based applications that allow the creation and exchange of
“User-Generated Content”
Personal website used by author to communicate anything he chooses to write
about to readers. Can include photos & links. Entries dated, time-stamped &
archived. Public comment sections facilitate conversation. Syndicated to
subscribers via RSS Feed (distribution tool).
Social networking website that can be used for business marketing and promotion.
Public “fan pages,” are indexed by search engines. Can link to your website;
newsletters; host a discussion; exchange video and photos; integrate blog feeds;
Good for longterm relationship-building.
Marketer’s Toolbox
Video-sharing website on which users can upload and share video
Arrange video content in a single location - your own YouTube Channel
Create a YouTube profile & Playlists from your own content
Tag your content with Key Words
Promote your content through YouTube Email, Bulletins & UserGroups
Embed video from your YouTube Channel on your website, Blog, Facebook
page, etc.
Marketer’s Toolbox
Free social networking/micro-blogging service that enables its users to send
and read each others' updates, known as tweets. Tweets are text-based
posts of up to 140 characters, displayed on the author's Twitter profile page
and delivered to other users - known as followers - who have subscribed to
Users can send and receive tweets via the Twitter website or via Short
Message Service, which allows texting from the web to a cell phone or from
one cell phone to another.
Marketer’s Toolbox
Email Marketing Letters to Niche Groups w/ Special Offers
Press Releases