Perspectives of former International Pain Policy Fellows

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Transcript Perspectives of former International Pain Policy Fellows

Perspectives of Former
International Pain Policy Fellows
International Pain Policy Fellowship
Training Program
Madison, Wisconsin, USA
6 August 2012
Bishnu D. Paudel, MD
2008 Fellow
Mount Everest : 8,848m (29,029ft)
Nepalese Situation
• Most of the cancer patients were
diagnosed in advanced stage.
• Pain was most commonly associated
symptom in cancer patients.
• Pain was not treated optimally.
Breast cancer lady with severe pain
Drug availability
Expensive chemotherapy & targeted therapy
were available.
Cheap opioid like oral morphine was difficult
to get.
International Pain Policy Fellowship?
• Why opioids like oral morphine availability is
problem in Nepal?
• Something more than routine work!
International Pain Policy Fellowship
The Fellowship is intended for health
professionals from developing countries who
have an interest to improve availability of
opioid analgesics.
International Pain Policy Fellowship
• Training program in June 2008 for fellow and
ministry representative
• In country Project & Action Plan
• Mentorship
• Financial support
IPPF Fellow, Mentors & Ministry representative
Training Program
Barriers of opioid availability
1) Policy level
2) Drug Distribution System
3) Cost of Opioid Analgesics
4) Knowledge & Attitudes
Action Plan
-Irregular supply of opioids .
-Dependent on foreign drug companies .
-Multiple groups working
-Lack of knowledge & attitude
Action Plan
Importers to report regularly.
Production in Nepal
An Association of Palliative Care.
Educational activities
Pain Management Protocol
Oral morphine production in Nepal
• Morphine syrup in 2009
Morphine tab 10 mg 2011
Morphine Tab(10mg) PR 2012
Morphine Tab 30mg (PR)2012
Nepalese Association of Palliative Care
Nepalese Association of Palliative Care Officially
registered 16th December, 2009 and 11 member
body was formed.
Dr. Eric, Mentor, visit
Educational Activities
• One month palliative care training
• Pain and Palliative care training in National
Academy of Medical Sciences in March 2011.
Dr. Eric resource person.
Educational activities
American Academy Hospice Palliative
Medicine Annual Meeting 2011
Indian Cancer Aid Society Palliative
Care Award 2012
At the end of my fellowship I am proud to say
because of IPPF I could bring some changes in
my country to help people who are suffering
from pain .
I enjoyed working as International Pain Policy
Fellow and have 100% satisfaction.