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Treasurer’s Report
IEEE-Region 4-Jan08 [01]
Institute of Electrical & Electronics Engineers
Region 4 – Central USA
Treasurer’s Report
e-Meeting - January, 2008
Prepared By – Region 4 Treasurer
Sat Basu [[email protected]]
January 03, 2008
Treasurer’s Report
IEEE-Region 4-Jan08 [02]
Responsibilities - I
=>Handle Region 4 Finances
• Prepare Balanced Budget for the Year
– Coordinate with R4 Ex-Com Members for Budget Inputs
– Obtain Region Committee Approval
• Develop new tools to provide
– Financial Visibility
– Up-to-date financial standing
– Budget VS Actual Revenue and Expense
• Prepare Annual L-50 R4 Finance Report
• Prepare Various Financial Reports as necessary
Treasurer’s Report
IEEE-Region 4-Jan08 [03]
Responsibilities - II
=> Coordinate on Financial Issues
Discuss with RAB Treasurer on Funding
Obtain RAB and Other IEEE Funding
Approve Concentration Banking Transactions
Approve Transfer of Funds to and from Investments
Recommend Strategic Planning Finances as needed
Sponsor Region 4 Conferences
Recommend Finances to Sections as needed
Provide Finance Information and Guidance to Sections
Offer Partial Sponsorship for Section Organized Conferences
Treasurer’s Report
IEEE-Region 4-Jan08 [04]
Responsibilities - III
=> Develop and Maintain Financial Policy
• Develop/Modify Travel Policy
– Transportation - Plane, Train, Bus, Car
– Meal - Food, Beverage, Social and other
– Entertainment - Personal, and Official Guests
– Accommodation – Hotel, Youth Hostel, Dormitory, other
• Develop/Modify Funding Policy
– Funds for Units - Sections, Chapters, Student Branches,
Affinity groups
– Funds for Activities - Communication, Education,
Membership, Professional, Student, Technical
Treasurer’s Report
IEEE-Region 4-Jan08 [05]
Accomplishments 2007
• Region 4 Financial Picture – A New Spread-Sheet
– All Revenue and Expenses Details
– Activity Budget
– Region 4 Budget Versus Actual
• 2008 Budget Items prepared and coordinated
• Prepared Region 4 L50 Annual Financial Report
• Prepared Treasurer Training Material for e-Meeting
• Negotiated & significantly reduced EIT2007 hotel Cost
• Recommended Lower Cost Facility for R4 Meetings
Treasurer’s Report
IEEE-Region 4-Jan08 [06]
Plans 2008
• Determine New ways to Reduce Cost
• Recommend Section Congress Expenses be handled by RAB
[MGAB] Since Region does not have influence for Location,
Accommodation or any other costs
• Advise Region 4 shall follow strict Financial Guidelines. All
exceptions would require approval from the Director, DirectorElect, Executive Committee and/or Region Committee
• Line up Region 4 Budget Items with L50 Items
• Maintain Region 4 Financial Record Keeping for Direct
preparation of IEEE Annual Financial report L50
• Continue Support to Region 4 Units
• Cut/Reduce Operational Costs