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Alpha Worldwide Developer Conference 2014
What is IADN?
We are a group of Alpha
Developers that <3 Alpha
and want to see it
What is IADN?
We are an Alpha partner
dedicated to business
success for both Alpha
and the Developer.
What is IADN?
We design and execute
programs that are useful
to both Alpha and the
What is IADN - Detail
• LLC since 2009.
• Focus has been on peer training and
a place to discuss business strategy.
• Prospective clients submit Project
Requests, and our developers bid on
those projects.
2015 Plan
Help Alpha achieve their
2015 Plan (in one specific area)
Mobilize the Alpha community
to help Alpha reach new Devs
and new markets.
Why should you help
Alpha grow?
We need each other.
Neither grows without the other.
Significant moment for Alpha.
Task 1: Identify the
members who want to
partner and…
…provide strategy and
tools to help that partner
reach out to the tech
Strategy to “get the word out”
• Alpha Who?
• Alpha Who?
• Alpha Who?
• Alpha Who?
• Alpha Who?
• Alpha Who?
About Community
Developer Profile Example
Benefits of Community
Because IADN has lots of
members we can make
useful affiliations and
Benefits of Community – Practical Benefit
Navicat Affiliate
Discounts - IADN gets
10-15% off Navicat
Affiliations, Partnerships and APIs
Freelancer Union Partner
Health Care, Dental, Long
Term & Retirement
Affiliations, Partnerships and APIs
Working with Adam Green
on Twitter program to build
interest in Alpha and IADN.
Affiliations, Partnerships and APIs
Working with Niket (SaaS
Meetups) to get YOU to
present Alpha solutions at
a Meetup near you.
IADN’s member list is
integrated with Meetup API
Affiliations, Partnerships and APIs
Credly Partner
1. IADN can issue Digital
2. Badges = Credentials tied to
specific criteria and an
evaluation process.
Affiliations, Partnerships and APIs
IADN issues lots of different Expert badges
Developer Profile Example
Final question: do we invest in each other?
Example: This Alpha Anywhere-based business is looking for funding.
Invest in business
opportunities using
Alpha Anywhere!
Thank you, come for a visit
[email protected]