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Ch.Dickens was born near Portsmouth on February
7,1812. He was the second child of eight children. His
father was a clerk .The Dickens family was poor.
In 1823 the family moved to
Where Charles began work for 6
Shilings a week
His father was arrested for debt.
Charles was sent to school at the
age of twelve, where he did well.
At the age of fifteen began work
in the office of a legal firm
His career was prospering with
his rapid and accurate reporting
of debates in the House of
Commons for the «Morning
At that time he began to write novels
«The Pickwick Papers» was Dickens first novel
This book is considered to be Dickens greatest novel.
Charles Dickens wrote a lot of novels.
- « Oliver Twist» (1837-1838)
- « David Copperfield» (1849-1850)
- « Great Expectations» (1860-1861)
and many others…
Charles Dickens wrote about ordinary
people, whose life he knew very well.
In his novels he wrote about the most
burning social problems of his time,
Criticized the social evils.
Dickens worked very hard.
His health began to fail in
He suffered a stroke at his
At Gads Hill, near Rochester,
Kent on June 1870 and died
the next day.
He was buried in
Westminster Abbey next to
the other famous people.