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BA (Honours) Nursing Studies
Mr John Bennett: Admissions Tutor / Lecturer
[email protected]
Dr Dora Howes: Admissions Tutor / Lecturer
[email protected]
GCU School of Health & Life Sciences
Entry requirements (UCAS Code B700)
 Highers: BBBB/BBBCC
 A-Level:
 Irish Leaving Certificate: B2, B2, B2, B2 at Higher Grade
 Essential Subjects:
 English (H) and one science subject (H/A)
 English (GCSE)
 Mathematics (SG2/GCSE at C)
 Recommended Subjects:
 Biology or Human Biology (H/A Level/GCSE/ILC-O)
Non Standard Entry requirements
 Enhanced Disclosure Scotland
 Medically fit for nursing –Occupational Health Screening
 If a disability is declared - University and School support is available
 Face-to-face engagement
 Achieved through attendance at
 BAHNS Open Day (NMC Requirement)
Key Features
Enquiry Based Learning
Shared learning with the Bachelor of
Nursing programme in years 1 & 2
Interprofessional Education
International focus
Our Graduates:
Gain employment and develop careers in:
Clinical Practice
Thank you!
I will be happy to answer
any questions you have
at the end.
Mary Ballentyne Year 2 Level Coordinator
Careers Day 2014
BN Undergraduate programme
• 3 year programme
• Adult, Children’s, Mental Health, Learning
Disability Nursing
• 3 Highers BBC to include English
• Standard grade Mathematics at a 2 or above.
BN and BA(H)NS Year 1
•Focus: Person-Centred Care
•Shared learning, all 4 fields
•Syllabus- nursing theory and practice, IPE, psychology and
sociology, anatomy and physiology, research
•Practice learning within acute care, community settings, at home.
BN and BA(H)NS Year 2
•Focus: Patient Safety
•Interprofessional Education
•Nursing (specific to field)
•Research Methods in health
•and Social Care
•Health and Well Being
•Biological Science
•Practice learning experience
•Direct entry for international students and articulation
Year 2 Tri C International Placement
• P5 and or P6 in Sweden, Norway, Spain,
Canada, Nepal = for 15 weeks
• Arranged by Department International
• Student must have good attendance and good
academic profile with no resits in year 2
Medical, Surgical, Older Adult, Primary Care,
Health Visiting, District Nursing, School Nurses, ED
Nursing Homes, High Dependancy, Addictions,
Specialist Nurses and Units, Mental health spoke
Learning Disability Supported Accomodation
BN Year 3
Focus: Effective practice
•Interprofessional Education
•Management and Leadership
•Clinical Decision making
•Optional modules
•Practice Learning Experience
Learning and Teaching Approaches
•Synchronous and asynchronous online group discussion
•Student-led face to face seminars
•Small group tutorials
•Laboratory practical's
•Interactive workshops
•Enquiry based learning
•Directed study
•Independent Learning
•Service User Forums
•Professional Drama groups
•Active Research projects
SIMTECH: Learning and Teaching Approaches
Teaching & Learning Services
•My Caledonian
• -University information
• -GCU Student Association
• GCU Learn
• -Undergraduate site
• -Module information
• -Discussion/communication
• -Course work submission
•Learning Development Centre
Student Support Services
•Student Health and Wellbeing
Services Positive Living
•Qualified Mentors in Practice
•Student Staff Consultative
Group x3 a year
•Programme Board and
•Student Representation
•Academic Adviser role
International Working: Grameen
Caledonian Partnership
•Professor Yunus,
Nobel Peace Prize Winner
•Grameen Caledonian
•Grameen College of Nursing
•WHO Collaborative Centre
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