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Torrey Pines High School
Senior Audits
Class of 2009
Our Goal…
*Discuss TPHS Graduation Requirements
*Explore Post High School Options
*Explain the Letter of Recommendation
Packet Procedures
*Discuss Testing Information & Dates
*Explain Financial Aid and Scholarship
Check your transcripts for the following:
Correct Name, Address
Off campus classes
Courses taken in the correct year
Graduation Status
CSIS ID # = SSID # (UC System Only)
High School Graduation
English: 4 years
Science: 2 years (Biological, Physical)
Mathematics: 3 years (must complete Alg 1)
History: 3 years
PE: 2 years
Health: 1 semester
Practical Art: 1 semester
VPA: 1 year
Electives: 7 classes needed
• All students must pass both the Math and
Language Arts portions of the CAHSEE with
a score of 350 or above.
• The next opportunity to take the CAHSEE is
November 4th and 5th.
• Please see your counselor with any
Post-High School
Naviance Computer Program
• Sign up for college visits- Find out which colleges
are visiting our school and sign up to attend those
sessions. Max of 6 visits per student.
• College and planning and advising process- Build a
resume, complete on line surveys and manage
timelines and deadlines for making decisions about
colleges and careers.
• Research Colleges- Compare GPA, standardized test
scores, and other statistics to actual historical data
from our school for students who have applied and
been admitted in the past (this will be available for
our students in future years)
Additional Naviance Features
• Scholarship Opportunities – Find out what
scholarships are available to you.
• Career Exploration- Find career information such as
salaries, future outlook, and education needed.
• Your school ID number and the web address below is
all you need to access Family Connection and create
your Family Connection account. Your parents can
also create an account; all they need to do is add your
ID # with a P at the end.
• Just log onto if
you have any questions please contact
[email protected] or x2410
Community Colleges
•Transfer Admission Guarantee (TAG): This
program offer guaranteed admission to students
who complete a core set of courses at a
California community college.
*IGETC: Will help you meet general education course
requirements at UC Campuses & CSU campuses.
California State Universities
23 campuses
Applicants must meet the A-G subject requirements
Apply online @
Admission determined by eligibility index:
SAT (V&M) + (800 x GPA*) = 2900 or above
(10 x composite ACT score) + (200 x GPA*) = 694 or above
* 10-12 GPA
University of California
• 9 campuses
• Visit: for a complete list of
Torrey Pines High School UC approved courses
• Applicants must meet the A-G subject
• Apply online @
• Application determined by comprehensive review
• CSIS ID # = SSID #
UC Eligibility Index
Use the UC eligibility calculation form
to determine if you are eligible for
UC/CSU Subject Requirements
A: History/ Social Science: 2 years required
B: English: 4 years required
C: Math: 3 years required/ 4 yrs recommended
D: Lab Science: 2 yrs required/ 3 recommended
E: Foreign Language: 2 yrs required/ 3 yrs
• F: Visual/ Performing Arts: 1 year required
• G: Electives: 1 year required
“D” Grades
UC and CSU campuses consider a D grade in a required
subject a Subject Omission.
Students who have received a D grade in a required course need
to repeat the course in order to be eligible to apply to a UC or
CSU campus…
HOWEVER…there are exceptions…
• Math
• World Languages
*See your counselor for specific information*
UC/ CSU Application
All students are encouraged to apply online:
UC online application:
Filing period: November 1- November 30
CSU online application:
Application available: October 1st
Filing period: November 1- November 30
Private/ Out of State
College Options
1. Admission requirements vary by institution
2. Often use “committee” type admission process
3. Students should check with individual campuses to
determine admission requirements & deadlines
4. Many campuses use the Common Application (Visit for more information)
5. Download TPHS letter of Recommendation packet
(available at
Letter of Recommendation
• Available online at
• Only for private and out of state colleges & UniversitiesUC/ CSU do not accept letters of recommendation
• Purpose of Letter of Recommendation
• Secondary School Report
• Refer to “Letter of Recommendation Guideline”
• Deadlines: Oct 3rd- Early Action/Decision
Dec 1st- Regular Admission
Waiver Form
• Be sure to sign the final page of the letter of
recommendation packet and waive your
right to access letter.
• Students who do not waive their right will
receive a generic, neutral letter.
• Colleges prefer a student to waive their right
because then the letter becomes more
instrumental in the college admissions process.
Requesting Letters of
• We understand some of you have a new
counselor this year.
• Your new counselor will be writing your letter
of recommendation, but they will be working
with your previous counselor to construct a
letter that accurately portrays you!
• Therefore, be sure to complete the LOR packet
Committee Selection vs.
Eligibility Index
Committee Selection- Private/ Out of State
Student applicants are reviewed in the context of their entire
application. Extracurricular activities, leadership opportunities and
community service play a significant role.
Eligibility Index- CSU
Campuses use a mathematical equation to determine eligibility,
primarily based on GPA and test scores. Index will vary by
Comprehensive Review- UC
Campuses review students based on specific criteria (varies by
campus). Please visit individual UC campus website to read
detailed information on each campuses’ comprehensive review
College Admission Testing
University of California:
●Require SAT reasoning or ACT (w/ writing)
●2 Subject exams in 2 different areas*
●Require SAT or ACT
Private Schools:
•Refer to school websites, some allow ACT exam to replace subject test
* Check specific program testing requirements- as some majors
require certain subject tests
☺ great resource to view a list of colleges and universities
that do not require a SAT or ACT exam for admission
Test Dates
October 4th
November 1st
December 6th
Available test dates
October 25th
December 13th
Prospective College
NCAA Clearinghouse:
1.Don’t forget to register online @
2.Ensure you are meeting the NCAA course
requirements (new requirements as of 2008!)
3.Bring signed release of information form and
stamped & addressed envelope to TPHS
Financial Aid/ Scholarships
Encourage all students to apply
Visit to download FAFSA form
More scholarship information on
Remember scholarships are now posted on
CSS/ Profile:
- Similar to FAFSA
- Certain private Universities use this form to determine
financial aid eligibility
TPHS College & Career
Center (CCC)
Visit Room 401 for detailed information on
college & career options!
Hours: Tues, Wed, and Thurs
7:30am – 2:30pm
Mrs. Bhagwat- CCC Advisor
Upcoming Events…
October 15th: Senior Meeting
-UC online application wkshp
-CSU online application wkshp
-Q & A session with the counselors
- & many more!
* More info to come!*
March 2009 (Date TBA)
TP/CCA College Night to be held at CCA this year.
May 2009
Torrey Pines H.S. Career Day!
The last day to drop
a class…
… without any record on your transcript is
Monday, September 22nd 2008!
The last day to Withdraw from a class is
Thursday, November 20th, 2008
(A W will appear on your transcript)
Enjoy Your Senior Year!
Remember to contact your counselor for more
Mrs. Cambra: A-Co
Mr. Dean: Cr-Ha
Mrs. Sanchez-Allwein: He-Ko (& ELL students)
Ms. Gervasini: Kr-Na and A-K AVID
Mrs. Bascom: Ne-Sh and L-Z AVID
Ms. Dowell: Si-Z