Describe how the entire staff in the building have

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Transcript Describe how the entire staff in the building have

* All full time staff and some part time staff took part in the School
Improvement Plan. Parent Input from Surveys and discussions. Two
parents on the team.
* The 90 indicators were reviewed.
Evidence of growth and areas of concern were identified and updated.
* MEAP, DELTA Math, DIBELs Reading and Classroom data were reviewed.
• Our School Improvement team was trained in the new process with
Elizabeth Moraw facilitating. Then each member was assigned a content
area to lead small groups through the process of reviewing data and
writing goals. All staff had a voice in planning.
Each Content Area was unique
English Language Arts - different subgroups were struggling.
Writing - gaps evidenced in Free and Reduced Lunch and Gender Groups.
Reading - 80% of all Kindergarten and 1st graders had met DIBELs end of
year benchmarks by January!!!
Math - many students really struggled with fractions. Ordering fractions,
comparing fractions, and manipulating fractions is quite challenging. DELTA
Math improvements make it a more useful RtI planning tool for teachers.
Social Studies and Science - subgroups did not show unique differences in
understanding but overall the scores were dramatically lowered by new cut
scores. Teams exploring ways to bring all scores up.
Building Initiatives
Co-sponsored Activities
Learning Buddies K-7
2 Tech Pilot Rooms – visited
by state superintendent
Girls Running Club 3-5
economic alternative to Girls on The Run
be nice. Campaign with The Mental
Health Foundation of W.MI
Students Community
Involvement in:
Total Trek Quest Running Club
for Boys
Campus Life
Spelling Bee – 2 sent to Regionals!
Van Andel Institute: Science on Saturday
Pilot w/ 9 students and their families
Genius Thursdays
– Teachers Learn Tech
Math Pentathlon – 5 students, 2 Teachers,
& 2 parents practiced and competed
Math RtI Time before school
Bible Club Homework
Recreation Sports and 7th
Grade Sports
Heights of Hope Celebration
MiBLSi – weekly drawings, Building Wide
Celebrations, Power and Pride
Hope & HPS K-12 Music Partnership
Kids Hope Tutors
PTO 5K Fundraiser!
Hand to Hand Backpack Meals for
School Store
4th Grade Market Day
Hope College Football Tutors, NCAA
Womens Final Four readers
Family Food Boxes for Holidays
38 Families Supported
Reading Nights with
Community Leaders
Be Me event with Herman Miller 7th grade
Dedicated Lunchroom and Gym can be used more!
Model School Conferences
Music Educators Conference
Teacher Creativity and Assessment in the Arts
Math in Action GVSU
iPad Training
CPR Class
What Great Teachers Do Differently
Arts with the Brain in Mind
RtI – Response to Intervention in the Early Years
Ready, Set, Read
Enhancing Language Development in Childhood
Guided Reading and Writing
Powerful Early Intervention Strategies to Help Young Children with
Developmental Problems / Challenging Behaviors
Social Communication in Children with Autism
Camp Shout Out Intensive Clinical Training Program
Practical Ideas Series and Basic Clinical Skills in fluency
Morphological Awareness: Implications for Language & Literacy
From Narrative Language Assessment to Functional Classroom Based
Intergraded Grammar Instruction
Voice Therapy
LiPS Workshop – phonemic sequencing
HPS Music Teachers created and led
OAISD workshop for the county.
ACE Award for Continuing Education from ASHA
(American Speech and Language Hearing Association.
Awarded to SLPs who complete 70 Continuing education
hours in 36 months!
HEF Grants:
Lego Serious Play
Hearbuilder: Phonemic Awareness, Following
Directions, & Sequencing
Math Pentathlon Coach
Athletic Coaches
Girls Running Coach
KinderDance Coach
Homework Club with Trained Reading Staff
Math Academy: 6th and 7th graders can get extra math support
through re-teaching after school two days a week. This is
voluntary or assigned.
Curriculum Materials for RtI Groups
Curriculum Materials for new initiatives learned
at Model School Conference.
Ways to begin and sustain RtI Times and Activities for
Ways to build Fractions into daily practice opportunities.
How to bring student achievement levels up to meet these
new cut scores.
How to integrate more technology into daily learning
opportunities to enhance learning.
Ways to prevent Summer Regression with limited funds.
• Being a Small Building means having more PART TIME staff than other
buildings. The middle school staff has changed every year since Heights
became a K-7 Building.
• Small Building with 2 section middle school has still been able to provide
an Advanced Math for 7th Grade. Varied levels of ability would be better
met with more opportunities for standard and advanced classes.
• Middle School Honor Roll numbers continue to climb over the year!!
6th grade from 46% to 62%
7th grade from 46% to 66%