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Welcome to our latest News Bulletin
Hot Off the Press!!
Canadean have just released a range of detailed reports covering Global trends in Beer;
Soft Drinks and Beverage Packaging
The full range of Reports is:
•Global Beer Trends
•Global Brewer Analyser
•Global Carbonates
•Global Packaged Water
•Global Juice & Nectars
•Global Still Drinks
•Global Dilutables
•Global Iced Tea & Coffee
•Global Sports & Energy Drinks
•Global Packaging Forecasts
For full details of any of these reports please
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Benecol Enters The Smoothie
McNeil Nutritionals has
launched a new Benecol
The new Benecol Fruit & Dairy
Smoothie is targeting a
younger market than the over55’s who make up the bulk of
its customer base.
More Milk for Coca-Cola
In Chile, Coca Cola teamed up with
local dairy company Surlat, to launch
Hugo at the end of June.
Hugo is a lactic drink with 3% milk and
3% juice content.
It was introduced only in cartons, in
both single portion and 1 litre sizes, and
in five flavours: Banana, Peach, Apple,
Fruit Mix and Pear.
Anyone for a Free Beer?
The Japanese beer market took
an interesting twist this year with
‘zero’ beer being the surprised hit
All four major breweries including
Asahi, Kirin, Sapporo and Suntory
launched 0.00% alcohol free beer
The product has caught on with
many adults who wishes to enjoy
the refreshing tastes of beer
without the worry of getting a
Back Firing on Going Green…
Environmental groups in Hong Kong have
recently raised concerns over beverage
manufacturers adding too much
packaging on their products
With the HK$0.5 dollar plastic shopping
bag levy coming into law since July,
retailers will charge shoppers that
requires to use plastic bags
However, some manufacturers were
worried that this might caused a drop in
their sales. As a result most brands have
introduced new multi-packs with a outer
layer plastic bag which shoppers can
As a result, some have questioned
whether the levy is creating more harm
than good…
7-UP targets Mojito Drinkers
Rum consumption in Mexico
accounts for 43 million litres
yearly, that’s around 1,400
millions servings, as well as being
the base of the increasingly
popular Mojito cocktail.
PepsiCo is trying to take
advantage of the growing Mojito
trend by launching 7UP Mojito, a
lemon-lime carbonated drink with
a slight peppermint flavour.
PepsiCo has also launched Pepsi
Mojito in Russia
Japanese Retailers Enter Beer
Two of Japan’s largest retailers,
Aeon Co. and 7-Eleven have
teamed up with brewer Suntory
to launch two new co-branded
Aeon are launching a “Third
Category” beer (made with nonmalt starches) called Topvalu
Mugi No Kaori (Aroma of Wheat).
The 7-Eleven brand is a regular
beer, called The Brew.
Both brands feature both Suntory
branding and branding of the
Going Nuts over Coconut!
Coconut Water is a traditional drink in Brazil
often consumed fresh from the coconut.
Coconut Water has a lot of positive benefits
including refreshing / hydrating properties,
high levels of potassium, electrolytes, and no
fat, added sugar or cholesterol.
Formerly controlled by a number of Brazilian
local players, both PepsiCo and Coca-Cola
are now directly involved via acquisition
Coconut Water is one of the hottest beverage
sectors in the USA with sales reportedly
doubling in 2009
Less is More for Coke in Spain
Coca-Cola has just launched a
new dilutable drink (its first in
Europe outside the British Isles &
Sweden) in Spain.
Menos es Mas (Less is More) is
available in three flavours –
Orange, Lemon, and Lemon Ice
Each 275 ml bottle makes 4 litres.
A Shot in the Arm for Energy Drinks
Energy Drinks started in small 25cl packs and then
grew into larger pack sizes.
However the latest trend is for Energy Shots, typically
around 5cl.
Shots are targeting people looking for a quick burst of
energy and are being typically positioned near tills in
retail outlets, especially petrol stations.
For producers these offer both new occasions and
higher margins
Extending Energy
Red Bull are extending the Energy Drinks
footprint with the test marketing of three new
Energy Coffee
Energy Cola
Energy Fruit Punch
The Energy Drinks sector is still booming,
and seems to have performed well during the
economic downturn. According to
Canadean’s latest Quarterly Beverage
Trends, Energy Drinks volumes in the 56
leading markets worldwide are forecast to
increase by over 7.5% in 2009.
Vin Français dans une Poche!
Iconic French wine brand J.P. Chenet,
famous for its slanting neck bottle is now
available in the UK in an 18.7cl
resealable pouch.
It is being promoted as being
environmentally friendly being lighter than
glass and using less energy
At £1.69 it is priced at an impressive 30%
per litre above the standard bottle
Near Zero
In Hong Kong Swire Coca-Cola placed a
number of special vending machines
since August at selected shopping malls
for a limited period
The machine dispenses a super chilled
Coca-Cola and Sprite 500ml PET which
is stored at near zero degree
When the bottle is opened part of the
content becomes frozen making it slightly
It has been a big hit with teenagers and
young adults even though it costs
US$1.30, nearly 40% more than normal
retail price in supermarkets!
Lashings of Ginger Beer
Alcoholic Ginger Beer seems to be the
latest drink to capture the imagination of
Britain’s drinkers
Ginger Beer is traditionally a soft drink
but the launch of Crabbies Original
Ginger Beer and Frank’s from Swedish
Cider maker, Kopparbergs, and available
exclusively through Wetherspoons pubs,
have seen the drink positioned as a
summer drink
And Finally….
The UK pub chain Wetherspoons hope to start a whole
new craze of tummy-rubbing with the launch of Lucky
Lager No. 1.
Lucky Lager is brewed in China by Australian Baron’s
Brewing Company.
The unique bottle is shaped like a laughing Buddha - the
saying goes that you rub the Buddha's tummy to ensure
plentiful good times along the path of life
To quote Richard Adamson from Baron’s Brewing
Company “My wish is for Lucky to put a smile on
people's face, before they even take a sip from the
bottle. It is about friendship, fun and giving people
something to talk about”
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