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Pressure Relief Valve
Provides effective protection for personnel,
machinery, and the workplace from the effects
of an explosion.
Quickly reacting relief valves open at a pre-set
standard pressure of 0.05 bar. Suitable for activation
within closed spaces, they operate reliably regardless
of their positioning in the installation.
The sturdy and proven design ensures that the valves
can withstand explosions without incurring any
damage. The valves close securely following
explosions, preventing secondary explosions and
enabling uninterrupted, continuous operation.
 Efficient explosion protection
• Special flame absorber
• Efficient explosion protection
• Continuous operation following explosion
• Safety approval
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Fast & reliable response
Special flame absorber
Uninterrupted operation. Valves close
immediately following explosion with no
secondary explosion
Responds at lowest pressure setting
(0.05 bar standard)
Valve cover design diverts explosion
towards the equipment
Virtually maintenance-free
Can be installed in any position –
horizontal or vertical
ATEX certified
Technical data:
Release area:
min. 59.4 cm²
max. 3905 cm²
Diameter range: min.
240 mm
max. 1160 mm