Top Ten Most Endangered Species

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Transcript Top Ten Most Endangered Species

By: Abby Nelson
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The Javan Rhinoceros is a species of
rhino that is critically endangered. The
species lives in Ujung Kulon National Pack
in Java, Indonesia. There is only about 40
individuals left in the world. The species
used to be the most widespread Asian
rhino. Their fall is mainly because of
poaching for their horns.
The Amur leopard is a critically
endangered species living in Southeast
Russia and Northeast China. Only about
20 of these cats still walk the earth. The
population fall for these cats is because
of poaching. Many people want their
beautiful furs for luxuries.
The Northern Sportive lemur is a
critically endangered species living in
Madagascar. Although not very attractive,
this lemur is an herbivore. Living
together there is a small group of 18 with
none in captivity as of right now.
The Saola is another critically
endangered species live in wet forest in
eastern Indochina. Also know as the Asian
Unicorn, the saola was thought to be
extinct until 2013 when on person caught
a picture of a saola. The current
population is, as of now, undetermined.
The ivory-billed woodpecker is the
largest woodpecker species in the world.
It used to reside in Southeastern United
States. Their numbers have declined so
much in the last decade. The species was
pronounced extinct until 2005 when one
person in Arkansas thought he saw one.
Their have been more sightings but no
real proof. The population is unknown.
Most people think this species is extinct.