Credit Card Reader Program - Girl Scouts, Hornets` Nest Council

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Transcript Credit Card Reader Program - Girl Scouts, Hornets` Nest Council

Credit Card Reader Program
Cookie Program 2014
Card Reader Basics
1. Decide as a troop if you would like to participate (100%
1. Sign Up using your banking account information (doesn’t have
to be a Bank of America checking account)
• Card reader will be linked to your account
• Troop will be responsible to pay the transaction fees
2. Receive free card reader in mail
3. Download app for your smart phone to begin use
4. Accept credit cards at your Cookie Booth Sales
5. Manage your account and see transactions online through
Business Track
Confidential and Proprietary - Not for Public
Costs of the Program
• Every transaction costs 2.7% or on 1 box
of cookies at $4.00 = 11 cents ($0.108)
• Credit cards accepted: Visa, MasterCard, or
• Card-swiped transactions will be listed as
"Qualified" on your merchant agreement and
• If card will not swipe, we encourage you to asked
for another form of payment. If you have to
manually “key-in” a credit card number, you will
incur additional costs. Keyed rate will be charged
on all manually keyed Visa, MasterCard, or
Discover Network transactions that have verified
addresses. Keyed transaction will be listed as "Non
Qualified" on your merchant application and
• American Express rates range from 2.30% - 3.50%
+ $0.00 - $0.15 and will vary based a variety of
Confidential and Proprietary - Not for Public
Per swiped
Please carefully
consider the amount
of proceeds your
troop earns on each
box of cookies vs. this
potential new
Consider the
estimated amount of
additional sales you
might experience due
to acceptance of
credit cards
Devices To Use
Any Apple device that can be updated to at least iOS 5 or higher is supported by Mobile
Pay. Beta versions of any iOS and devices that have been jail broken will not be
iPad®: All models
iPhone® 3GS
iPod touch®: Third generation and higher
iPhone® 4
iPhone® 4S
iPhone® 5
Most Android models are supported at this time. Models must be upgraded to at least 2.3
or higher. The “Honeycomb” tablet platform and Beta versions are not supported.
The following is a partial list of supported devices:
Samsung Galaxy Nexus®
Samsung Galaxy S2®
Samsung Galaxy S3®
LG Enlighten™
HTC Incredible 2
Droid 3
Confidential and Proprietary - Not for Public
Sign Up Process
Begin Online Application
Confidential and Proprietary - Not for Public
1. There are 5 steps to completing the online
application/sign up process:
• About You
• About Your Business
• Funding information
• Review and Submit
• Secure Validation
2. Have key information with you (bank account
information and this presentation)
3. Process takes about 15 minutes or less
Confidential and Proprietary - Not for Public
About You
1. Name
2. Social Security
3. Email address
4. Address
5. Date of Birth
6. Foreign Entity
question (NO)
Confidential and Proprietary - Not for Public
About Your Business
1. Name of Business
Ex. Girl Scouts
Troop 12345
*no room for number
sign or commas
2. Legal Business
Name = GSHNC,
Troop ####
3. Business address
Enter troop
4. Business Phone
Troop Primary
Contact Number
5. When did your
troop start (year)
Confidential and Proprietary - Not for Public
About Your Business- part 2
1. What type of business
Food Store- misc
2. What type of
organization is your
Non Profit
3. Anticipated credit card
Less than $10,000
4. Typical amount of sale
$10- $25
5. Percentage of time you
are face to face with
Over 75%
6. Website
7. Security Question
Confidential and Proprietary - Not for Public
Funding Information
1. Bank Routing Number
Use your Troop
Checking account info
2. Name of Bank
List Troop banking
3. Checking account
Use your Troop
Checking account #
4. Tax filing name for
your business
Girl Scouts, Hornets’
Nest Council
5. Which tax filing
number will be used
EIN (federal tax ID)
Confidential and Proprietary - Not for Public
Review and Submit
1. This section will
supply you with a
review of all the
information you
have inputted so
you can verify data
and it will allow
you to edit each
Confidential and Proprietary - Not for Public
Review & Submit- cont.
Confidential and Proprietary - Not for Public
Review and Submit- cont.
1. Once you hit “Continue to Validation” there will be a series
of security question that only you can answer (ex. State of
issue of SSN, etc)
2. After answering question, it will take you to screen below to
“click here” for final review.
Confidential and Proprietary - Not for Public
Secure Validation
• As a last step you have a final option to Review & Approve
• You can review “Summary of Merchant Application and
Agreement Authorization” print and save
Confidential and Proprietary - Not for Public
Secure Validation-cont.
• Last screen should be “Application Complete”
• Later you should receive email confirming your application
Confidential and Proprietary - Not for Public
Best Practices &
Frequently Asked Questions
Best Practices
From our pilot program in 2013, feedback from the troops that
have used Credit Card Readers:
1. Use as a last resort for payment= ask for cash or check first
and if you are going to lose the sale or decrease the sale then
offer to use the cc reader
2. Sign up & use only if you plan to do a good number of booth
sales. Probably not worth the effort and expense if you only
do 3 booths or less.
3. Make sure there are a couple of people in the troop (2) that
attend booth sales that are trained to use the reader and have
a smart phone with app loaded and ready to use
4. Not suggested for new troops
Confidential and Proprietary - Not for Public
FAQs 1
How do I download the app?
• Mobile Pay on Demand can be downloaded from both Google PlayTM and
the iTunes® App Store. Once you have gone to the app store for your
device, simply search for “Mobile Pay on Demand” using the search feature.
After you are taken to the correct page, you may download the free app.
Upon successful enrollment, you will receive an email that will provide you
with the activation code needed to unlock the app. Once activated, you can
start accepting payments immediately by manually entering them until your
Mobile Pay on Demand card reader arrives.
Can I print receipts?
• Mobile Pay on Demand allows you to email receipts to your customers.
When the transaction receipt appears on screen, you can enter your
customer’s email address at the bottom and send the receipt. Customers
can then print these receipts later for their records if they wish. (Printing of
paper receipts directly from the application is not currently available). You
can also email the receipts to yourself for your own records. In addition, all
receipts are saved on the Mobile Pay Back Office website where they can
be accessed, if needed.
Confidential and Proprietary - Not for Public
FAQs 2
Do I have to have a Bank of America checking account?
• No, any checking account will work with this program.
What happens if I don’t use the card reader at all?
• Nothing, there is no penalty. You are not even responsible for sending the
card reader back.
How can I end the use of the card reader?
• You can call customer service and let them know you are not going to
proceed with card reader and they will cancel your account
• There are no penalties for doing this, cancel anytime
Does this sign up process enter me into any type of long term contract?
• No, troops are under no financial obligation to continue
What happens if I lose my reader?
• Call Customer Service and they will send a replacement reader
• Cost will be $23.99
• Can purchase additional readers as well for $23.99 (only 1 free reader
comes with account sign-up)
Confidential and Proprietary - Not for Public
FAQs 3
How can I refund a transaction
• Within the program of your Card Reader app, there is a refund function
• Choose refund option
• Will have ability to email customer receipt to show refund and have copy of
refund in your accounting as well
How can I cancel a transaction
• While you are still in the process of a sale ( have not confirmed/finalized
process) you are able to back out before the total is given and money is
exchanged without any problems
What days and times is customer service available
• Contact Customer Service anytime with account questions or questions
about your transactions as they are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a
• If you need a special type of transaction, ex. Ordering another card reader,
customer service will be able to take your call at any time, however some
transactions may not be processed until the next business day
Confidential and Proprietary - Not for Public
Business Track
• Manage your account through Business Track (online tool)
• Site where you log- in to see your accounting/transactions
• With Business Track you can:
• Review your monthly account statements
• Account maintenance tools
• Product guides
• A "Contact Us" portal to answer questions
• Other tools and support to manage your account
• You will receive log-in instructions after you sign up for card reader
Confidential and Proprietary - Not for Public
Customer Support
• As a Bank of America Merchant Services' customer you have access
to live customer service.
• Mobile app technical assistance; 866-277-4820
• Account related assistance; 855-769-6744
• Website: Bank of America Merchant Services for Mobile Payment
• Answers to more frequently asked questions and support
Confidential and Proprietary - Not for Public
More Questions?
Contact Beverly at
[email protected]
or 704-731-6546