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Inorganic Materials For
Anne Samuel
Inorganic Materials
Materials used for micropumps and valves
 Thin-Film Shape Memory Alloy(NiTi)
Actuated Micropump
 NiTi/Si Diaphragm Micropump
 Micromachined pump based on thick-film
piezoelectric actuation.
Thin-Film Shape-Memory Alloy
Actuated Micropump
Shape memory alloys are ones which undergoes
phase transformation from one phase(austenite)
to an another phase( Maternsite).
 Used one way shape memory effect (OWSME) for
 Two actuation configurations to perform
actuation- Polyimide-Spring-Biased
actuator(Polyimide + TiNi) & Complementary
Actuator ( TiNi+TiNi).
NiTi/Si Diaphragm Micropump
Micropump actuated by NiTi/Si composite
 The recoverable force of NiTi thin film and
biasing force of silicon membrane allows
reciprocating motion of the pump.
 Structure of a unit SMA/substrate bimorph.
NiTi/Si Micropump
Analysis of the actuation mechanism.
 Thermal expansion coefficients of Si and
SMA are different.
 Depending on temperature, the bimorph
structure will deform or be flat.
Thick-film Piezoelectric
Micropump with thick film /silicon
micromachined hybrid actuation.
 Actuation based on the flexure of screen
printed PZT layer on Si membrane.
 Schematic of hybrid actuated micropump.
 Pump consists of top electrode, bottom
electrode and PZT layer in the middle.
Thick-film Piezoelectric
Experiment with different bottom
 To find high dielectric values of PZT layergives good mechanical acutation
 It was found that Au Cermet and evaporated
Pt thin film gives good dielectric constant.
 Candidate in medicine as a cheap
disposable pump for drug dispensing.
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