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Avgas 100LL in Russia
Shell, Total,
Who we are?
Delfin Motorsport (DMS) company is the
Russian manufacturer of sports high
octane fuels, and the exclusive distributor
of American fuel company VP Racing Fuels
on the territory of Russia, Ukraine,
Byelorussia, Baltic countries, Kazakhstan,
A new direction of the fuel business has
become the supply of aviation fuel Avgas
100LL of American producer
ConocoPhillips - is an international,
integrated energy company.
Main suppliers of Avgas 100LL
in Russian market now are:
1. Shell Group (Admikor company);
2. The French oil company Total;
3. Polish Research Centre for
petroleum refining industry (Erwin
Corporate Group «Shell» is one of the largest
direct foreign investors in Russian economy;
Companies and Shell joint ventures in Russia
working in exploration, extraction and
transportation of oil and gas, marketing of
lubricants, petroleum products, motor and
industrial oils, service the fuel filling stations as
well as providing services for fueling aircraft;
Shell is the largest producer of aviation fuel
Avgas 100LL (up to 50 tons per year) in Russia;
The official supplier of Shell Avgas is Admikor
company, St. Petersburg.
Shell's strategy of brand
Shell Group actively promotes its brand in Russia,
supporting auto, bicycle and air sport events,
social and other projects:
Shell in Formula1 (official sponsor of Ferrary team);
Shell and Moto GP (Marlboro Ducati team and until the end of 2013 the official technical partner of the event)
TRUCK BATTLE 2010: support for Russian rider Mikhail Konovalov;
TRUCK BATTLE RUSSIA 2011 - the official sponsor of the race
Shell products for Dakar series
2008 - Shell supported MAN Rally Team under the leadership of Hans
Stacey in the rally-marathon "Transoriental."
2009 - Shell became a partner "Renat-Trans“ team, speaking on trucks
MAN in the rally-marathon Silk Way
2010 - Shell supported the team MMMP (Maurer-MAN-MotorsportPerformance), which drove on specially prepared MAN truck on the base of
MAN TGS WW rack.
Shell in aviation sport
Shell is the largest supplier of petroleum products for the global
Shell was the first company which certified Avgas in Russia, paid
150000$ for the certification;
Also Shell is a longtime partner of various aviation activities,
promoting their products for small aircraft - Aeroshell motor oil
and aviation fuel Avgas 100LL;
For example, the company "Rosma" together with Shell Aviation
provided sponsorship support for the air competitions. All the
competitors received the Shell Aviation company's products Aircraft Engine Oil AeroShell W 15W-50 and aviation fuel Avgas
AeroShell aviation oil and Avgas were also offered as a way of
technical support for Russian Federation of airplane sports.
The French oil company;
The fourth in volume of production in the
world after Royal Dutch Shell, BP and
Concern TOTAL offers a wide range of high
quality oils and lubricants for the
automotive and aviation - aviation oils,
gear, turbine, and hydraulic motors, anticorrosion oils and greases that improve
efficiency and extend the service life of
aircraft mechanisms.
Total International automobile
F1 (providing fuel under the
brand name Elf);
Since 1968 Elf has been actively
involved in Formula 1 racing,
developing, testing and refining
lubricating oils, subject to the
extreme conditions during the
Together with Renault in the
partnership, which began in
1979, 13 World Championships
was won, including the winning
of double title of "World
Champion" in the classification
of designers and racers in 2005,
and repeated this overwhelming
success in 2006;
3. Moto GP (Elf);
4. WRC.
Total products for Dakar series
Rally-marathon Dakar (Total) - supply
of fuel production for racing crews;
Polish Research Centre for
petroleum refining industry (Erwin)
The company Erwin is the General
Representative of Research Centre of
petroleum industry in Plock city, Poland;
This is the third largest supplier of Avgas
100LL in Russia after Total group;
Promoting Avgas of Polish manufacturer in
Russia, Erwin Company supports the
Russian Federation of aircraft sports, as
well as Sasovo civil aviation flight school
providing the necessary amount of
aviation fuel for them.
First Company imported Avgas 100LL to
the Russian territory became Delfin
Motorsport Company;
Despite the world popularity of
ConocoPhillips brand, it is not the
company which is known for its aviation
product in Russia;
To launch the brand on the market and its
development in Russia the strong
promotional and advertising support is
absolutely necessary.
The initial strategy of ConocoPhillips brand
promotion in Russia is seen as follows:
1. Sponsorship of the Russian Federation of
aircraft sports (advertising on the plane, stripes
on the form of pilots, placement of Conoco
branded banner, publication in the press with
reference to Conoco brand name);
Demand of the Federation for aviation oil
per year is 1.47 million rubles (35 drums of
200 liters);
Demand of the Federation for aviation fuel
Avgas 100LL - 6.4 million rubles (80 tons).
Brand promotion
2. Technical support of racing crews at the rallymarathons (the Silk Way, Dakar);
3. Active advertising in specialized media,
including the placement of PR materials about the
aviation fuel Avgas 100LL;
4. Active position in specialized forums
(www.saon.ru; http://www.forumavia.ru,
Brand promotion
5. Planning and distributing the promotional
products for customers and other interested
6. Joint promotions
Instead of the end
In summary, Delfin Motorsport suggests
that the management of ConocoPhilllips
will support Delfin Motorsport in the
promotion of American aviation brand
Avgas 100LL;
Only by working together, making a joint
contribution to the promotion of Conoco
product in Russia we will became a great
competitor for Shell, Total, Erwin.