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Regional Roadshow
Nanette Baber
Business Development Manager (Wellington-based)
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M86 NZ Team.
Snapshot of the M86 Security Suite and Add-Ons.
What’s New in MailMarshal and WebMarshal? Resources.
What is In Store?
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M86 NZ Team
Jeremy Hulse
VP Sales APAC - Sydney
Dean Curlew
NZ Sales Manager
Jo Catty
Renewals Manager APAC - Akld
Bev Harrod
Renewals Administrator - Akld
[email protected]
Solutions Specialist
Nanette Baber
BDM South - Wgtn
Snapshot of the M86 Security Suite
Email Security Products
M86 MailMarshal Secure Email
Email gateway security software that
unifies email spam protection, content
security, policy enforcement and data loss
M86 MailMarshal Email Content
Security Suite
M86 SMB Security
Filtering and management off all email
flowing through Exchange between inboxes
and Exchange servers in remote offices.
M86 MailMarshal Service Provider
Security as a Service solution that enables
service providers to offer hosted email
content security services to enterprise
M86 MailMarshal Secure Email
Dedicated, policy-based secure email
solution that provides email encryption,
digital signatures and deep content
inspection of all email messages.
Web Security Products
M86 Secure Web Gateway
Real-time malware protection that manages
productivity, provides data loss prevention
and enables access to Web 2.0 applications
safely for onsite and remote users.
M86 WebMarshal
Software-based inbound and outbound Web
traffic control and management, threat
protection and data loss prevention.
The M86 SMB Security
Suite provides highpowered, enterprise-class
secure Web and email
gateway solutions priced for
the less-than-500-user
market. The suite is handpicked from the same
award-winning solutions that
protect millions of users
Snapshot of the M86 Security Suite – add-ons
M86 Filter List Categories (WM)
The M86 Filter List provides
approximately 10 million websites and
growing; with over 100 website
categories allowing for well defined
policy enforcement and granular
reporting. The categories include:
Child Pornography
Explicit Art
Pornography/Adult Content
R Rated
Examples: playboy.com; bikini.com
Description: Sites ranging from R-18 (restricted
to 18 years and older) to explicit sexual content
and illegal pornographic material. These
categories are typically prohibited by policy.
Movies & Television
Music Appreciation
Online Greeting Cards
Examples: mp3.com; funny.com;
tvguide.com; playstation.com
Description: These categories represent a
wide range of entertainment information sites
and online entertainment. For most
organizations these sites would be used for
personal free-time purposes. Access to these
categories is typically restricted to non-work
hours or monitored by policy.
Criminal Skills
Hate & Discrimination
Illegal Drugs
School Cheating
Examples: hightimes.org; nazi.org;
Description: Categories pertaining to
inappropriate and potentially offensive
content as well as illegal material or
controlled substances. These categories
are typically prohibited by policy.
Snapshot of the M86 Security Suite – add-ons
M86 “API’d” Anti-Virus
(Application programming interface)
Snapshot of the M86 Security Suite – add-ons
Image Analyzer for M86 MailMarshal
Image Analyzer for M86 MailMarshal is a specialized image
scanning and classification solution. It is designed to
automatically scan and sort images entering your organization
via email into either an “offensive and pornographic” category or
a “normal and acceptable” category. Image Analyzer can help
protect your employees, customers and suppliers from exposure
to inappropriate and illegal content, can reduce and even remove
your organization’s legal liability, and can provide you with a
better understanding of how your email system is conforming
with Acceptable Use Policies.
What’s New?... MailMarshal SMTP 6.9 ~ Secure
Email Gateway 6.9
Rule Structure – Connection / Content Analysis / Dead Letter Policy
Dead Letter Rules
Message Logs for ALL Messages – Including Sent History
PDF Unpacking Improvements
Support for SQL Server 2008 R2 and 2008 Express R2
Support for Partitioned Indexes
What’s New?... M86 WebMarshal 6.9 – June 2011
• Usability update
– Supports Plug-in to Microsoft Forefront TMG. The WebMarshal ISA
plug-in now supports Forefront TMG Standard and Enterprise Editions.
– Multiple Upstream Proxies Allows selection of an upstream proxy
based on the URL requested.
– Reports Change Marshal Reporting Console is the supported reporting
interface. The WebMarshal Reports application (based on MMC and
Crystal Reports) is no longer included.
What’s New?... M86 WebMarshal – Social
Networking Controls
Turn Facebook Read-only
Turn Twitter Read-only
Block Apps/Games/Chat
And more
Resources - M86 Security Technology: TRACEnet
Resources - M86 WebMarshal – TRACENet
Resources - M86 Global Technical Support
• Robust Technical Support Organization
Tiered technical support plans
6 Technical Assistance Centers (Follow the Sun)
• US
• UK
• Germany
• Taiwan
• Israel
• New Zealand
24 x 7 x 365 Availability
• In-Depth On Line Resources:
M86 Customer Support Center
• Open new support cases
• Review and update support cases
Access to expert knowledgebase portal
Customers forum
What is In Store?
• FREE Health Checks
• This Quarter’s Promos
3 for 2 on maintenance and subscription for existing MM,WM,
URL FL, Image Analyzer and Anti-virus.
For existing WebMarshal users purchasing new MailMarshal
licenses and vice versa
For existing MailMarshal SMTP/SEG users purchasing MM for
• REMINDER: Renew prior to expiry
Real-time Security for the Borderless Network