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Recognising and Understanding
ASD/Asperger’s Syndrome
in Adults and Older Adults
An Introductory Workshop for Health and Mental-Health Professionals.
By Marijke Batenburg & Nate Gaunt
Thursday 30th and Friday 31st October, 2014 Auckland
It is now thought that as many as one in 88 adults are living with ASD/Asperger’s Syndrome. Many of these
people remain unaware, have not received a professional diagnosis, or have been misdiagnosed with other
psychological, personality, or behavioral disorders. Unfortunately, a lack of understanding and effective
management strategies can result in people who live with Asperger’s Syndrome experiencing the world as being
foreign, confusing or even hostile, resulting in, clinically significant distress, depression, anxiety, and the
experience of difficulties in relationships, work and study. While there has been an growing awareness and
interest in diagnosing and labeling this syndrome, comparatively little is known and appreciated regarding how
to best assist adults with this condition, and their families and others in their lives, to cope with and manage a
range of associated challenges and negative impacts. The advantages and strengths associated with Asperger’s
Syndrome are seldom considered.
This two-day workshop seeks to inform and empower participants to consider and address issues and challenges
associated with ASD/Syndrome, moving through and beyond diagnosis, and toward a greater and effective
understanding of how best to assist, encourage, and advocate for those who live with or are impacted by this
This workshop is suitable for health and mental-health practitioners, who benefit from a deeper understanding
of ASD/Asperger’s Syndrome such as psychologists, doctors, psychotherapists, counselors, nurses and others
who might encounter people with Asperger’s Syndrome in a professional capacity.
Day One
• History, incidence and prevalence of ASD/Asperger’s
• The ‘symptoms’ and ‘clues’ around the syndrome that can
assist recognition including DSM-IVR and DSM-V issues .
• Common misdiagnoses or situations that can lead to a
failure to recognise the syndrome.
• Prevalent co-morbid issues: depression, anxiety, substance
abuse, relationships, work place situations, criminal
offending, and sexuality concerns.
• Assessing and discussing Asperger’s Syndrome (ASD) with
the person and their families.
Day Two
• Working with adults with ASD (HFA)Asperger’s
Syndrome. Case studies are presented
• Effective interventions for individuals and
• Mindfulness based approaches to assisting those
with ASD (HFA) Asperger’s Syndrome
Marijke has worked as a clinical psychologist in private practice since 1988. She has an ongoing
interest in seeking the best psychological interventions with those adults who live with
ASD/Asperger’s Syndrome and their partners and families. This may include assessment, couple
therapy and support for people assessing their needs in the work place.
[email protected]
Nate works as a psychologist in private practice. He has a background working in general and
forensic psychology, and has particular interest and experience in assessing and working with
people who live with or are affected by ASD/Asperger’s Syndrome.
[email protected]
Nate Marijke and Nate frequently work together is assisting people who live with Asperger’s Syndrome, and
those who are in a relationship with these people (e.g. partners and parents). They also offer clinical
supervision and consultation to other professionals working in this field.
Recognising and Understanding
ASD/Asperger’s Syndrome
A Workshop for Health and Mental-Health Professionals.
By Marijke Batenburg & Nate Gaunt
Workshop Details and Registration
Thursday 30th and Friday 31st October 2014
Eden Gardens, Omana Rd Epsom
8.30 am – 9.00am: Registration
9.00 am – 4.00pm: Workshop
$395 if member NZCCP or NZPsS (cheque or online bank transfer)
$425 for non members.
Morning/Afternoon teas and lunch are provided.
Terms and Conditions
Payments for registration MUST be received before the date of the workshop or registration will be required
to be paid on the day of the workshop. Where registrations are being paid by an employer, should the
employer not pay by the date of the workshop, registrants will need to pay on the day and seek
reimbursement from their employer.
A substitute may attend in your place. However this information must be forwarded to the organiser by
email one day PRIOR to the workshop.
No Refunds are available within 7 days of the training - no exceptions possible.
For more information contact: Marijke on 021 389 804 or email [email protected]
To register, either mail this form with your payment and a cheque payable to Mindful Psychology or bank details for
electronic funds transfer (direct debit) 12-3035-0425627-02 Place your name in particulars box and ASDwshop14 in
code box. All registrations received with payment, will be accepted unless you are advised to the contrary. Please refer
Terms and Conditions.
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Tick here □ if you require a tax invoice for payment, otherwise receipts for payment will be available on the day of the training if
requested. Note: If an agency/organisation is requiring to be invoiced for more than one person, please make this clear and send all
registrations together.