Florida’s Race to the Top Teacher and Leader Preparation

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Transcript Florida’s Race to the Top Teacher and Leader Preparation

Florida’s Race to the Top
Teacher and Leader Preparation
Implementation Committee (TLPIC)
Initial Meeting via Teleconference
Tuesday, March 29, 2011
10:00-11:00 a.m.
Meeting Agenda
 Welcome
 Background
 Introductions
 Project Overview
 Committee purpose and expectations
 Project goals
 Subcommittee development
 Overview of future meetings
 Next Steps and Questions
 Florida’s Race to the Top application includes establishment
of committees for the Great Teachers and Leaders assurance
area, specifically to provide input and collaboration on
improving the performance of teacher and school leader
preparation programs.
Florida Department of Education Key Staff
 Kathy Hebda, Deputy Chancellor for Educator Quality
 Eileen McDaniel, Bureau Chief, Educator Recruitment,
Development and Retention
 Genae Crump, Program Director for Educator Preparation
 Julie Orange, RTTT Project Manager for Educator
Preparation Programs
Hope Street Group
 Lauren Gibbs, Deputy Education Director
Teacher and Leader Preparation
Implementation Committee (TLPIC)
 Includes teachers and school leaders from postsecondary
institutions and school districts, district administrators,
superintendents, and school board members
 Membership contributes expertise in various teaching
subjects and grades and educational administration at various
 Membership represents Florida’s diversity in culture,
community, and region
 Committee members serve at the appointment of the
Commissioner to the four-year term of the Race to the Top
Teacher and Leader Preparation Implementation Committee Members
 Dr. Vivian Posey, Postsecondary, Barry University
 Dr. Elisa Calabrese, District Administrator, Broward
 Dr. Susan Trauschke-McEachin, School Based Administrator, Dade
 Mark Howse, Postsecondary, Daytona State College
 Carla Dawson-Jackson, School Based Administrator, Duval
 Catherine S. Boehme, Teacher, Escambia
 Dr. Adriana Garcia McEachern, Postsecondary, FIU
 Carolyn Herrington, Postsecondary, FSU
 Jamalya Jackson, District Administrator, Hillsborough
 Dr. Henri Sue Bynum, Postsecondary, IRSC
 Susan Moxley, Superintendent, Lake
 Dr. Gregory K. Adkins, District Administrator, Lee
Teacher and Leader Preparation Implementation Committee Members
 Debbie Cooke, Professional Association
 Jason Driver, School Based Administrator, Okaloosa
 Brian D. Branks, Teacher, Orange
 Lisa Levison, Teacher – ESE, Pasco
 Megan Pankiewicz, Teacher, Seminole
 Beverly Slough, School Board, St. Johns
 Joe Joyner, Superintendent, St. Johns
 Ashley Hendrickson, Postsecondary, St. Pete
 Dr. Gloria Artecona-Pelaez, Postsecondary, U. Miami
 Dr. Lance J. Tomei, Postsecondary, UCF
 Jasmine Ulmer, Teacher, Union
TLPIC Purpose and Expectations
 The purpose of the TLIC is to provide input, feedback and
recommendations to the state in the development and
implementation of performance standards and targets for
continued approval of state-approved teacher and school
leadership preparation programs.
 The TLPIC will not be responsible for final decisions
regarding the changes to standards and requirements for
continued program approval.
TLPIC Purpose and Expectations
The TLPIC members are expected to actively participate in all meetings and work
with the Department and the Student Growth Implementation Committee to
provide input, review, feedback, and recommendations on:
 Uses of student growth models in evaluation of teacher and principal
preparation programs
 Performance measures for continued program approval and standards for “high-
performing” preparation programs based on (but not limited to):
 The impact of program completers on student achievement, specifically
using the state’s new student growth measure(s) and potentially other
measures used in LEAs.
 Meeting LEA and state needs for new and retained effective teachers,
especially in hard to-staff subjects and schools.
 The program’s contribution to the induction and professional development
of program completers.
Overall Project Goals
Improve performance of teacher and school leader
preparation programs through:
• Revision of the Continued Program Approval of Educator
Preparation Programs process. (Primary goal)
 Input on site visit protocols
• Identification of gaps in current Florida Principal Leadership
Standards and revision of standards to align with
contemporary research.(Intermediate goal)
Subcommittee Development
 Members from William Cecil Golden, Southern Regional
Education Board, Florida Association of Professors of
Educational Leadership, and other interested participants will
also hear the Reeves research discussion and may share
recommendations for the committee’s consideration.
 These representatives are not appointed members of the
TLPIC and will not be included in any decisions made by the
Overview of TLPIC Meetings
March 29, 2011 •Introductions
•Project and process overview
•Confirm meeting dates
In Person
May 9-10, 2011 •Review a variety of leadership standards
•Begin discussions on current standard refinement
•Video presentation from Dr. Douglas Reeves on
contemporary research on principal development
•Guidance and feedback on revision process provided
by The Leadership and Learning Center
In Person
June 8-9, 2011
•Continue refinement of current Florida Principal
Leadership Standards
•Input provided from small group currently
modifying principal evaluation
•Input and recommendations provided from
•Consider input and reach consensus on draft
Next Steps
Information about the activities, membership, meeting
schedule and materials, and recording of conference calls of the
TLPIC are posted at www.fldoe.org/arra/racetothetop.asp.
Contact Information
Julie Orange, Project Manager
RTTT Educator Preparation Programs
850-245-7804 (office)
[email protected]