Research method and academic writing D How do I find

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Transcript Research method and academic writing D How do I find

Research method and academic
writing D
How do I find scientific articles?
Magnus Olsson, Umeå university libarary
[email protected]
Tel: 786 91 81
Web page:
Evaluation of information sources
Search strategies and search tools in databases
Business Source Premier
Some quality internet sources for business
Evaluation of information sources – a
few guidelines
Author and Publisher
Purpose and audience
How do I get hold of this specific
scholarly article?
• Buchanan, D. – Dawson, P. (2007) Discourse and Audience:
Organizational Change as Multi-Story Process, Journal of
Management Studies 44(5) 669 – 686.
During Research method and academic writing
you should find and use two scholarly (scientific)
articles not included on the reading list.
How do I find scholarly articles?
For example in of our databases: Business Source
Search strategies in databases
What words should I use when searching?
How do I expand my search?
How do I limit my search?
How do I search using keywords?
• Thesaurus, Descriptors, subject words, A-Z, Index etc.
• ”Tags”
Business source premier
• Business Source Premier is a full text business database,
covering management, economics, finance, accounting,
international business.
• Peer-review
• Thesaurus
Off-Campus Access to Umea University Library's
databases, e-books and e-journals
Other information sources
• Encyclopedias and dictionaries
Encyclopedia Britanica, New Palgrave dictionary of
• Books
Quality Internet sources, some
• (directory of companies/products)
• (business intelligence on
industries, countries and consumers)
• (EU DG Enterprise
and Industry's website), statistics, news
• (swedish business
me/ (EU and candidate countries)
For internet sources in your reference
list include the following information
Name of author, organization, corporation or authority
Year when information was updated (if available)
Name of web page or document
Title of web site
Complete URL (http://….), and
Date when you retrieved the information
Example: IMF (2010), Statement by an IMF Mission to
Nicaragua, (201003-12)
How do I write references?
emove=8#8 (Harvard)
Subject librarians
• [email protected][email protected]