FETAC Level 4 Training - Cavan Adult Education

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Transcript FETAC Level 4 Training - Cavan Adult Education

FETAC Level 4
The CAS (Common Award
• FETAC introduced a range of new awards
developed through the Common Awards
System. These awards are available to all
registered providers, i.e. those who have
agreed their quality assurance with
A national approach at Level 4
• For Levels 1, 2 and 3, VECs wrote their own
• VECs around the country wrote the new Level 4
and 5 programmes for sharing.
• The old Level 4 and many Level 5 modules will
be deactivated in December 2012.
• The new Level 4 and 5 programmes are now
ready for sharing across the VECs.
Level 2 and Level 3
• It is envisaged that Level 2 will be
available nationally in December 2012.
• Writing will commence in September. Co.
Cavan VEC will be part of this process.
• Level 3 programmes will also be made
available nationally (this process has
Level 4 - The process
• Meetings – different VECs were given different
components to write
• Writing took place
• Programmes went up on the FESS website for
• Comments fed back to all VECs
• Programmes amended as necessary
• Went back up for consultation
• The process was made available through FESS
• Different VECs evaluated programmes
• All programmes were put through the PAA process
Co. Cavan VEC
• We wrote: Understanding interculturalism,
Data Entry and Business English
• We wrote the programme information for
the Security Skills Major Award
• The writing team: Mary McKenna, Michael
Donohoe, Kevin Farrelly, Janna Tiearney
• Cavan Institute wrote several security
Level 4 Major Awards
*See breakdown of major awards. (emailed to you separately)
General Learning
ICT Skills
Early Childhood Education and Care Support
Retail Skills
Private Security Services
Employment Skills
Hotel Front Office
Office Skills
Culinary Skills
Engineering Skills (not on the sheet)
* Sport and Recreation is still being written
The different awards
• All major awards have a value of 90 credits.
• Every major award has core components.
• *See breakdown of major awards
Credit values
• Components are either 5, 10 or 15 credits.
• 1 credit = 10 hours learning (directed and
self-directed study)
Where to find the programmes
• Certificate and component specifications
can be found on www.fetac.ie
• Programmes will be available on the
website: www.cavanadulteducation.ie from
Friday 13th July
• (Will soon also be available on FBS, details will be emailed to all)
The certificate specification
*See ‘Employability Skills’ certificate
specification as an example:
• This includes:
o General information
o Knowledge, skill and competence
o Certificate requirement
The component specification
• See ‘Work Experience’ component
specification as an example:
o This includes:
o General information
o Learning outcomes
o Assessment techniques
The programmes
*See ‘Work Experience’ programme as an
example: (attached in your email)
• Each programme contains:
o General information
o Aims and objectives
o Learning outcomes
o Indicative content
o Assessment
o Marking sheets
Work Experience – 4N1168
The programme includes:
• Introduction / General Information
• Title of the programme (may differ from
the component title)
• Name / Code / Duration / Credit value /
Status / Special Requirements
• Aims and objectives
• Learning outcomes - 10
Work Experience – 4N1168
• Indicative content: states a minimum of ten days
/ 70 hours work experience
• Many of the Level 4 programmes are divided
into sections:
• Section 1: General Work-Related Information
• Section 2: Planning and Preparation for the
Work Placement
• Section 3: The Work Placement
• Section 4: Reviewing the Work Placement and
Future Planning
Assessment – Collection of work
To include:
A personal audit
A summary of potential employment and
learning opportunities
• A CV
• A letter of application
Assessment – Skills
• 40%
• To include:
• Work Experience Employer Report
( document available at the end of the
• Learner Account of Work Experience
Marking Sheet
• Allocation of marks may be more specific
than the old modules.
• The marking sheets for some components
are quite detailed in the new Level 4.
Old modules
• A deactivation date means that as and from that
date, providers will no longer be able to enter
learners for certification using the named award
• Learners may carry forward existing minor
awards (components) as exemptions towards
new common major and special purpose
awards, where they are appropriate, until
December 2014.
Programme Review
• The programme will be reviewed annually.
The review process will adhere to Co.
Cavan VEC’s Quality Assurance Policy,
B5 Programme Development, Delivery
and Review and associated procedures.
• Any comments and/or suggestions by
tutors will be welcome.
Training in September
• Level 4 training – September 4th
• This will centre around tutor packs, to
o Assessment briefs
o Assessment samples
o Solutions
o Marking schemes