Quiz #3 * % composition, EF & MF

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Transcript Quiz #3 * % composition, EF & MF

Quiz #3 – % composition, EF & MF
Chemical analysis indicates that a compound is
28.64% sulfur and 71.36% bromine. The molar
mass of the compound is 223.94g/mol.
Determine the molecular formula of the
Quiz #4 – determine the molecular
• The molar mass of a compound is
148.20g/mol. Its percentage composition is
48.63% carbon, 21.59% oxygen, 18.90%
nitrogen, and the rest hydrogen.
– Find the empirical formula for the compound.
– Find its molecular formula.
Quiz #5 • An automobile airbag is inflated with nitrogen
produced from the decomposition of sodium
azide, NaN3. The mass of nitrogen in a fully
inflated airbag is 87.5g. What mass of sodium
azide is required to produce the mass of
Quiz #6
• Bubbling chlorine gas through a solution of
potassium iodide results in the formation of
elemental iodine.
– Classify the type of chemical reaction
– What mass of iodine can be produced from 1.5kg
of chlorine?