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Vertex 4 Media reviews
United Kingdom
OCZ's Vertex 4 512GB is a game changer and one of the most capable, well balanced Solid State
drives on the market. I can't remember the last time I genuinely felt excited reviewing a Solid State
drive, so it was a refreshing change putting the Vertex 4 through the paces today.
OCZ have intended to improve small block performance, as well as reducing write amplification.
They can, without question consider their Indilinx Everest 2 a total success. IOPS performance is
class leading, way ahead of Sandforce and other competitors. We recorded 84k and almost 88k in
our 4k random read and write test, respectively. This is over twice the performance of the previous
controller configured with the same test parameters.
Sequential, compressible performance is a little less than achievable with the leading Sandforce
2281 drives, however when factoring in compressible and incompressible data, the Indilinx Everest
2 IDX400MOO-BC controller is much stronger than anything else we have tested to date.
If you are in the market for a new, high performance drive which doesn't pay a performance penalty
when dealing with incompressible data then the Vertex 4 should be the first choice. It is also going
to be ideal for small block duties, such as heavy database environments.
Kitguru says:
The Vertex 4 is the first major update to the Solid State Market since the Sandforce 2281 controller
was released.
equally good with
compressible and
incompressible data.
IOPS performance is class
None we can mention.
United Kingdom
Final thoughts and rating
There's a lot resting on the launch of the Vertex 4, yet, in this unique case, drive
performance arguably isn't the make-or-break component.
The Indilinx Infused drive is fast, there's no doubt about it, and the secondgeneration Everest controller is able to hit new heights in certain synthetic
Early adopters who fell foul of teething problems with the Vertex 3 may be
reluctant to take another bite, and our advice to you would be to sit on the fence
to see how the Vertex 4 matures. OCZ's five-year warranty offers plenty of
reassurance, as does the use of an in-house processor and firmware, but this is a
new architecture and one that's likely to further evolve in the coming weeks.
Bottom line:
The Indilinx Everest 2 controller is a real competitor to SandForce and Marvell.
Final words and conclusion
Looking at the overall picture the performance is there alright and the tests that do respond to the
SSD properly, respond with excessive numbers.
Compared to Vertex 3 with SandForce we can only conclude that the SandForce 2200 series is out of
trend (a little undeserved really), lots of people we think would surely opt the Vertex 4 series as the
Indilinx controllers have proven to be extremely reliable when it comes to safely controlling your
precious data.
A heartening factor is active with the Vertex 4 series SSD, once we popped it in to our test setup it
just felt good in every way and sense. Indilinx Everest 2 hauls ass when it comes to both compressed
and uncompressed files versus read/writes. Honestly overall if I'd have to pick an Indilinx Everest 2
based Vertex 4. OCZ has proprietary technology in their hands that they control and regulate.
When looking at the benchmarks try and focus a bit at the IOPS performance throughout the SSD
series, it is very fast and shows what the SSD is capable of. If an SSD in high stress can perform well
with small 4K files, it's a real good indicator of the muscle behind that SSD. Obviously if you put a
drive like this into your SATA3 compatible laptop or SATA3 compatible PC, you'll have no idea what is
about to hit you. We very much enjoy the grand sustained performance of this SSD series, so you
copy a fast amount of compressed data, then the Vertex 4 will slaughter in performance.
If you have a proper PC with a SATA3 controller, the Vertex 4 series are definitely going to impress you
in terms of performance, and we expect reliability as well. To prove that OCZ is backing their
technology they will even give the product a very nice 5 year warranty, which we feel is the right move
to make.
For those still weary of SandForce 2200 series SSDs, all we can say... the Vertex 4 might be the
alternative you've been looking for and as such comes recommended.
OCZ Vertex 4 512GB ridiculous fast numbers really.
It’s surprising to see how much faster the Vertex 4 is vs the Octane, the SSD equiped with
the first generation Everest controller that we tested recently. Although we don’t really know
if the difference is made by hardware or software, we don’t really care as the step forward in
such a short time frame is impressive!
In the najority of the benchmarks the Vertex 4 is extremely fast with in some cases absolute
record nrs. AS SSD and IO meter show the Vertex 4 to be an absolute performer especially
when it comes to write performance. PC Mark 7, the benchmark that is closest to reality, it is
a strong performer on par with the other SATA 600 SSD’s.
All in all we’re very enthusiastic about Vertex 4. Although we can’t say anything about the
reliability of the drive, OCZ is showing their confidence in this Vertex 4, providing 5 year
warranty and is putting our minds at rest. We’re certainly willing to take the step!
With Vertex 4, OCZ completes its transformation initiated by the
Octane. After establishing partnerships with Indilinx and SandForce since
2009 that have enabled the brand to launch successively Vertex, Vertex 2
and Vertex 3, the acquisition of Indilinx last year allows him to release a
new generation of its flagship SSD, The Vertex 4, which will be exclusive
and he completely masters the development.
On paper and in the so-called synthetic tests, the performance of the
Vertex 4 is of the highest caliber in writes and especially during random
access. It even reaches a new record! We did see a lower performance in
sequential reads but we expect that to be solved soon in a firmware
update. It must be said that these excellent results do not necessarily
translate into practical tests - except of course for writes. Specifically in
extensive writes the Vertex 4 is really good and is a real difference
between the Vertex 3 and Crucial M4 that were introduced last year. The
choice for this new SSD does not come automatically as although the
considerable performance gain we have no experience with the reliability
of the new controller. With that in mind, OCZ’s 5 year warranty is a very
welcome change.
Looking at the results of the OCZ Vertex 4, we can say that the second version of the
Everest Indilinx controller takes all criticism of its predecessor away. When it comes to
performance in small blocks (4K), the Vertex 4 is beyond any doubt the fastest drive. In
particular, it is nice to see what OCZ achieves at low depth performance (QD 1). In this
essential score we have seen a substantially standstill - most SSDs were in a range sub 25
MB -. The Vertex 4 cracked it all open and surpassed the 30 MB / s. Although the
competition is fast on high QD the Vertex 4 has no real problems here as well. On the
contrary, here she is faster than all other tested SSDs.
As for the sequential performance, the write performance is very good. The read
performance is also at a good level. We should keep in mind that it is fair to say that no SSD
drive will always be in first place in any test.
The Everest 2 controller is also significantly better than its predecessor under extremely
heavy loads. TRIM support is available and should keep performance degradation away.
An award for the overall good performance of the vertex is 4 sure anyway as it belongs to
the currently fastest drives. A new asset that comes with the Vertex 4, in contrast to the
usual three-year, OCZ grants a five-year warranty.
For high speed the motherboard of the PC or notebook should have
SATA 3.0 interface. And there is where the Vertex 4 is making its job
really well: 5 GB packages of video and MP3 files are transferred in
just 8 sec to a different data storage. Conversely it’s even done in
just 5 sec from Vertex 4. To compare: the predecessors needs for
both copy activities three times more.
At the end of this test the "OCZ Vertex 4" is the fastest SSD in our
test laboratory.
"New benchmark: No other SSD was so fast in the lab yet than the
"OCZ Vertex 4".“
In contrast to the Vertex 4 with the Indilinx controller, other SSDs utilizing
a SandForce controller cannot maintain the sequential performance.
Unlike the general result for Vertex 4: extremely fast SSD.
Powerful and able to develop a very high overall performance, both in
ideal situations as well as in difficult situations. It is an SSD with an
overall first class performance that offers an exceptional 5 year
warranty for direct customer and enterprise support, by offering an
advanced suite of NAND Flash management.
Although it is not the fastest SSD that has ever touched Hispazone
ground, but we are sure is the best that can be bought right now.
Anyway, I believe I will be able to test the samples with less capacity to
repeat the good feeling I have with this new Vertex 4.
Quote Hispazone: “this product is recently the best SSD on the market.”
AS SSD Benchmark
With the Vertex 4, OCZ has an SSD in its portfolio that comes
with synchronous NAND Flash and a good price /
performance ratio. … Hence it is on a competitive level.
Astonishingly high, that's what the 4k random IOPS are. …
Therefore the Vertex 4 is a really fast drive when it comes to
every day usage, because the random writes do have a
highly significant influence on how fast a drive feels.
A closer look at the sequential through put reveals that there
is robust performance level especially at higher block sizes.
…If you keep in mind, that the new Indilinx controller is
insensitive to compressed files it is also possible to move big
files at very high transfer speeds.
... Last but not least there are five years warranty, which is
two years more then almost any other manufacturer offers.
The OCZ Vertex 4 256GB receives the label ‘very good’ and
scores five out of five stars.
The Vertex 4 - 512GB gets you 86'000 IOPS when doing 4k
reads and 82'000 IOPS when performing 4k writes.
Regarding sequential reads we see ATTO values which top out
at 502 Megabyte per second for read performance. Concerning
sequential writes the manages to reach 464 Megabyte per
The OCZ Vertex 4 - 512 GB also receives the label ‘very good’
for scoring five out of five stars.