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New Employee Orientation for
The San Mateo Serice Area
Who’s Who?
Key Stakeholders in RWC NEO:
- David Fabie – Learning & Development
- David Schutt – Workforce Strategy & Development
- Phil Tom – HR / Employee & Labor Relations
- Kevin Worth – Corporate Compliance
- Ann Nicholson – Service
- Angel Shew – Information Technology
- Maureen O’Brien – Chief Operating Officer
- Linda Mann – Medical Group Administrator
- Our Members
Why is this important?
Do you remember your first day on the job? Were you
confident or were you a little anxious?
Most employees start a new job feeling uneasy about
their new job duties and expectations. They are often
anxious to prove themselves and to "fit in" at the
workplace. They also have many questions about their
new work environment.
It is important for all new employees to have a positive
orientation experience to ensure a good start, to avoid
potential miscommunication, and to make their new job
seem more manageable.
Attack of NEOzilla!
Our current New Employee
Orientation has become
something of a monster,
stomping its way through
as many different subject
areas and departments
that can be crammed into
two days.
What’s Wrong with NEO?
Participant and Manager feedback indicates that
many new employees are being overwhelmed in the
current NEO. Vital information we need new hires
to have is lost in the information overload.
Current Kaiser employees who are transferring to
RWC find the material in the current program to
redundant and feel it is not an effective use of their
What NEO Needs to do:
Provides the new employee with information that will ease the
transition into the workplace.
Paint a “big picture” of Redwood City, the SMA and KP as a
Introduces the new employee to our goals, policies and
procedures, customs and values.
Conveys the expectations of all Kaiser employees. & Relieves
the new employee’s anxieties about starting a new job.
Inspires the new employee to have a good attitude towards
Kaiser Permanente and his/her new job.
Meet and/or exceed regulatory compliance requirements.
NEO Needs to Provide New Hires:
The Basic information that ALL RWC employees need
to know for their first 30-60 days.
Where they can go to have specific questions addressed.
The How, Where and When of Benefits Enrollment.
Mandatory Compliance Information.
A Sense of the History, Mission and Values of KP and
RWC in particular.
NEO does NOT Need to Provide
Everything all at once
Extensive drill down of Departmental Specific material.
Two days of being “talked at”.
Dave’s Top Ten Questions
New KP Hires ask at NEO
Where Can I Park?
How and when do I get paid?
If I have an HR question, who do I talk to?
Where do I get my photo ID?
When does the probationary period end?
If I have computer problems what do I do?
Does it matter in terms of my Benefits if I am union or non-union?
What is the difference between KFH, KHP and TPMG?
Can I refer someone who would be a good potential new
employee? How does that work?
And the number ONE question new KP hires ask at NEO is…
How do I sign up for benefits and by when do I need to that?
The Big Picture
If New Hires come out of NEO more confused about the
organization and their role than before they went in, we have a big
For many transfer employees this may be their third or fourth time
going through NEO. This can cause presenters to think that
participants understand the material more than may be the case. It
also makes some new hires hesitant to ask questions.
At present many new KP employees come out of NEO exhausted
from the “info dump” and frustrated that key questions they had
were not answered.
NEO cannot, and should not try to cover everything. Rather it
should give high level overviews and provide direction as to where
to find out more specific information.
Where NEO Fits
The KP On-boarding Process (in theory anyway…)
Posting of Job Vacancies
Coordination of Interviews
Coordination of Job Offer
Workforce Strategy & Development
Background Checks
Coordination of New Hire Paperwork
Employee & Labor Relations
Coordinates with Employee Health
Coordinates with Benefits
Administration of NEO Program
Departmental Manager
Coordinates with Kaiser IT
Learning & Development
Coordinates NEO Program Content
Facilitates actual NEO Program
What’s Next?
Over the next few weeks I will send each of you your
department’s section of the NEO program as it presently
exists. Along with a questionnaire regarding what you
feel new hires need to know regarding your area.
Along with that will be some suggestions and ideas for
streamlining the material to make it more participantfriendly.
In the meantime I need your help! I would like you to
start thinking about what you need and want new hires to
get out of NEO. Specifically, thinking about the material
through the following filters.
Take a fresh look at NEO!
What does a new KP Employee definitely need to know
about your department to be successful in their first 30-60
What information is helpful but not critical for a new KP
Employee to know?
What information would it be nice to cover but is not really
relevant to their first 60 days?
What of the A level information do you feel you or your
designee must present in person and what could be
presented for you by the NEO facilitator?
What, if any of B and C level information is available
elsewhere other than NEO?
Here’s the Plan…
Review Current NEO Material (Dec-Jan.)
Meet with Dave Fabie 1 on 1to discuss
changes to NEO Material (Jan.)
Meet collectively as NEO Stakeholders to
develop agreement on Focus and Structure
of NEO for 2006 to develop, implement and
pilot changes to the RWC NEO (Jan-Feb)
My Contact Info
Dave Fabie
Sr. Learning Consultant – SMA
Northern CA Learning & Development
Direct Line:(650) 299-2836
Tie Line: 8 424-2836
Cell #:
(415) 271-3086
Learning and Development Timeline
May - November 2004
New Manager
•Develop on-boarding
process for new managers
(Directors through frontline
•Leverage regional
curriculum efficiency and
encourage local content
January 2005
July 2005
Phased Implementation
Full Implementation
•Defined on-boarding process
•Regional and local classroom
•Content development with
Peer Group content experts
•Online and self-study
•Website and initial online
resources and courses available
•Learning WELL hosts and
documents progress
•One-on-one, peer partner, and
peer group learning
•Opportunities to expand on
basic knowledge and skills
Individual Development
•IDP driven learning
opportunities to expand on
basic knowledge and skills
•Leadership and
management development
•Available across NCal
•Create process and core
curriculum for basic
knowledge and skills for
success in ones role, first 90
New Employee
First Quarter 2006
1st Quarter 2006
Nov - Dec 2004
January 2005
NEO Delivery Continues
Release of Revised Binder
NEO Content Revision
•Resources that have been
delivering NEO continue to
deliver NEO
•Same structure as current
•NEO process and content design
and development work
•Comprehensive legal review to
insure compliance with
regulatory requirements
•Continue work with Functional
Peer Groups for content
•Reflects changes from
•Work with KHP/H and TPMG
leadership across areas to
leverage NCal wide curriculum
while encouraging local flexibility
and customization
•Binder drives the content
Determination of
Interim NEO Resources
•Division of labor
•Local resources
•Logistics checklists given to
appropriate point people
Data gathering for NEO
Content Revision
NEO Delivery Continues
with Identified Resources
Analysis of NEO Content
July 2005
First Quarter 2006
Implement New NEO
On-boarding Process
•New Welcome Day
•Website Welcome and guide
to online resources and
•Learning WELL hosts and
documents progress
•Consistency between NEO,
NMO, and Orientation for
Senior Leaders
NEO Delivery Continues
Determination of NEO
Resources for New NEO
On-boarding Process
New Employee Orientation: A Look into the Future
CURRENT New Employee Orientation
•Varies greatly by Area: Frequency, Length, content
•Requires strong facilitation skills to provide back-up for no-show speakers
•Functions as a checklist for requirements
•May or may not be engaging to new employees
•Includes important local content
NEW New Employee Orientation
•Will work across areas and entities to leverage best practices for NCal core curriculum efficiency while
encouraging local flexibility and customization
•Will use a variety of learning modalities to convey messages
•Will include a “Welcome Day” that is highly interactive
•Will include web and Learning Well based curriculum to ensure requirements are met (e.g. compliance)
“Welcome Day”
Web and Learning WELL
•Highly interactive
•Removes instruction from Welcome Day
•On-going instruction/orientation
•Engages people into KP Culture
•Uses Learning WELL to document
•Linked with Manager On-boarding
•Includes local “flavor”
•Ensures consistency
•Varies by Function and entity