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Model Cornerstone Assessments (MCAs): A Nationwide Initiative

Based on a 2/20/15 Keynote for the International Symposium on Assessment in Music Education Scott C. Shuler , Ph.D

[email protected] (860) 325-ARTS

National Core Arts Standards include:

1. Philosophical Foundations

2. Lifelong Goals (= vision of Arts Literacy) 3. 3+ Artistic Processes (CPR +) 4. Enduring Understandings (paired with EQs)

5. Connections

– Common Core (ELA, Math) – – 21 st Century Skills/College & Career Ready Cross-Arts Connections

6. Opportunity-to-Learn Guidelines 7. Model Cornerstone Assessments

– with Student Work

Organizational Structure:

Framework Matrix

General Music

Music Standards Levels (reflecting differences among 4 “strands”)

Elementary PK-2 3-5 Middle School 6-8 High School +1 year +4 years Beyond High School +5 years or more Novice Intermediate Proficient Accomplished Advanced Ensembles Harmonizing Instruments Composition / Theory Music Technology

New National Core Arts Standards envision students learning

all 3

Artistic Processes in


classes But the

relative emphasis

on each Process varies, depending on class type

Cornerstone Assessments

• •

Curriculum-embedded Engage students

in applying their knowledge and skills in an authentic and relevant context •

Anchor the curriculum

around the

most important performances

that we want learners to be able to do (on their own)

-- Jay McTighe (and Grant Wiggins)

2015 Music PrePiloting MCAs General Music Artistic Process Creating Performing Responding Grade 2 ♫ ♫ Grade 5 ♫ ♫ ♫ Grade 8 ♫ ♫ Artistic Process Performing Ensemble Novice Intermediate ♫ Proficient…

MCA Characteristics

• Focused on one Artistic Process • Multiple Process Components • Embedded in Unit • Parallel across Grades/Levels • Analytically Scored

MCA-Like Units from

CT Common Music Assessments Artistic Process Grade 2 Grade 5 Grade 8 Creating

Improvisation Composition Composition


Singing Prompt Singing Prompt Singing Prompt More at:

Music MCA Leadership Structure

• • • Fred Burrack (Kansas State University) A. Kelly Parkes (Virginia Tech) Team of Research Advisors • • • • • • Scott C. Shuler (National Standards Co-Chair) Glenn Nierman (NAfME President) Ching Ching Yap (past South Carolina arts assessment leader) Richard Wells (National Standards Co-Chair) David Weatherred (Spokane, WA Music Supervisor) Tim Brophy (University of Florida Assessment Guru)

Music MCA Development Timeline Grades 2, 5, 8, and Ensemble STEP TIMING 1 ST P UBLIC D RAFTS

June 2014 (with standards)

Refinement 2 ND P UBLIC D RAFTS PrePiloting Revision 3 RD P UBLIC D RAFTS Piloting Revision Repiloting

(as needed) Final Revisions and

Benchmarking F INAL MCA S

June 2014 – February 2015 Mid-February 2015 February – April 2015 April – August 2015 September 2015 September – December 2015 December 2015 – January 2016 February – May 2016 Summer 2016 September 2016

How will we


nationwide piloting

and benchmarking?

beta Site:

(final name will be

circa May 2015)

Site enables Multiple Teachers/Piloters to Upload Student Work to Same Task

Manage Student Work and Scorers


Statistical Analyses



to Excel for Further Analysis

enables any user to:

• • • • • • • • • Create

standards-based units


embedded assessment

tasks; Upload and insert links to

files in various formats

, including video; Make units




, or accessible only to

designated users

; Assign others varied

levels of permission

(access) that allows them to – – – – provide

threaded feedback

and suggestions for improvement; participate in


; and

upload student work

to the task and enter their scores.



(anchor) student work to illustrate levels of achievement on units/tasks; Assign work – specifically or randomly – to scorers for

blind scoring

, a crucial step in





Manage groups

of scorers,


assigned task and


which have completed their with those who have not; Perform basic

statistical analyses

on scores and scorers, to identify outliers and determine inter-rater


; and


existing units/tasks and scoring scales for future use or



Where can you find

National Core Music Standards

and PrePilot MCAs?

Where can you find

Conceptual Framework

and Background Research?

Scott C. Shuler, Ph.D.

Arts Education Specialist, CT SDE (ret.) Co-Chair, National Core Music Standards Past-President, NAfME [email protected] (860) 325-ARTS