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STAND-UP Task Force
Sharing our story of
coming together,
working together,
succeeding together,
and future plans …
In the Beginning
Once upon a time, way back in 2007,
Chief Rose said:
“It’s not o.k. that our kids are drinking,
getting hurt and killed, and destroying
their brain cells.
We need to take action!”
In the Beginning
Why Mundelein???
The capacity and infrastructure of the Village created a strong
 Healthy recreational opportunities for youth and adults
 Many faith based organizations focused on life and spiritual
 MPD is active in the community especially issues of high
risk youth concerning underage drinking and drug use
 An excellent school system with two high schools and three
middle schools focused on the achievement and success
of their students
 Mundelein Citizens concerned about youth alcohol and
drug use and the consequences on their future
In the Beginning
The overall goals of the original Illinois SPFSIG initiative:
Build local and statewide prevention capacity
and infrastructure
Prevent/reduce underage drinking and
consequences of use
Coming Together
Mundelein STAND UP Task Force (working in
collaboration with LCASC and MASC)
Multi-sector leadership – 12 sectors (business, religious, law
enforcement, schools, parents, youth, youth based programs,
civic and volunteer, and drug and alcohol agencies, media,
healthcare, and Government Agencies S/A)
Community-wide assessment and capacity
Strategic planning - including the development and implementation
of environmental capacity, strategies, practices, policies, and
Goal to decreasing underage drinking and associated risks and
Coming Together
Our Vision:
To create a clear, community-wide consensus that
underage drinking is illegal, unhealthy, and
unacceptable and will not be tolerated in Mundelein.
Our Mission:
To prevent underage drinking and other drug use (and
consequences of use) through increased community-wide
awareness, consensus, policy development, education,
intervention & enforcement
Working Together
Year One (2008) – Community Assessment
 Illinois Youth Survey, Community Alcohol Access Assessment,
Community Policy and Procedures, and Law Enforcement
Year Two (2009) – Develop/Implement Strategic Plan
 Social Norms Campaign, MHS Project Success, Compliance
Checks, Parent Boot Camps
Year Three (2010) – Implement Programming and Evaluate
 MHS Student Committee Established, CCHS joins the Task
Force, Mundelein Social Hosting Ordinance passed
Working Together
Success from 2008 to 2010:
 Decrease Drinking in the Last 30 Days
Projected Decrease
Actual Decrease
10th grade= 2%
10th grade= 7%
12th grade= 3%
12th grade= 9%
 Decrease Binge Drinking
Projected Decrease
Actual Decrease
10th grade= 2%
10th grade= 5%
 Decrease Driving and Drinking
Decreased on the average of 3%
 Increase the Perception of Risk of Harm
Increased on the average of 1.25%
12th grade= 3%
12th grade= 7%
Current Funding
Awarded Grants (2011) to continue efforts
 Drugs Free Community - Federal Grant for 5 years
 Partnerships for Success – State Grant for 5 years
This multi-sector leadership Task Force will focus on
decreasing underage drinking and cannabis use and
associated risks and consequences, via community-wide
assessment and strategic planning, including the
development and implementation of environmental
strategies, practices, policies, and programs.
New Grant Goals
Build Task Force To Achieve Goals
Develop Subcommittees to Effectively Complete
Continue to Reduce Rates of Underage Drinking
by another 2%.
Focus on Decreasing Marijuana Use and
Increasing the Perception of Risk of Harm
New Grant Goals
Compliance Checks through MPD and RBS
Educate Parents/Adults on Social Hosting
Ordinance and Consequences
Educate Parents and Community on the Parents
Who Host Lose the Most Campaign
Conduct Social Norms Campaigns for FY2011/12
in Mundelein High School and Carmel Catholic
High School
Task Force Goals
Build the Tasks Force Capacity
Through Subcommittees
Leadership/Strategic Planning – Coalition Building and
Organization, Bi-Laws, Meetings, Technical Assistance and
Policy/Legislation – Compliance Checks, Social Hosting Ordinance
Adjudication, Statistics on Drug and Alcohol Incidents,
Village/School Policy and Practices, Legislative Awareness
Communication – Community Outreach and Involvement, Media,
CCHS Substance Abuse Committee, Citizens Police Academy and
Alumni, and Mundelein Community Connection Organization
Task Force Goals
Build the Tasks Force Capacity
Through Subcommittees
Youth Involvement – IYS Administration and Evaluation, Social
Norms Campaign, Youth Education, Attend Youth Groups
Parent Education – Parents Who Host Lose The Most Campaign for
Parents and Community, Two Formal Parent Education Events on
Drugs and Alcohol (English and Spanish)
Hispanic Outreach – Mundelein High School Hispanic Parent Group,
Hispanic Churches (New Hope and La Vina), Education and
Dissemination of Information with the Hispanic Community
Thank You for Standing Up for our
Youth and our Community!
Contact Information
Deputy Chief John Monahan
Mundelein Police Department
[email protected]
Wendy Gwaltney
Community Outreach Coordinator
[email protected]
Underage drinking and drug use is
Sober Youth, Safe Community