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Where is Scotland?
Scotland is part of
the United
Kingdom to the
North of England.
Scotland is washed by
the Atlantic Ocean
and the North Sea.
Scotland has an area
of 78,772 km2. It
has a population of
5,168,500 people.
The official language is
English, but some
people also speak
Scottish Gaelic which
sounds very different
to English.
The Patron of
Scotland is Saint
The National
symbol of Scotland
is a thistle.
National flag
The capital of Scotland is
Glasgow is large and busy
It is the heart of
Glasgow is a centre of
business and trade.
Different Traditions in Scotland
The Haggis is a dish
consisting of the heart,
lungs, and liver of sheep
and calves, minced with
spices and oatmeal, and
boiled like a sausage.
The Bagpipe is the
national instrument of
Scotland. The bags are
usually made of sheep skin
and fill with air, which is
then pressed by the arm
to push the air through
The kilt is like a skirt
and was part of the
traditional dress of men
and boys in the
Scottish Highlands of
the 16th century.
It is most often made
of woolen cloth in a
tartan pattern.
Different families or
clans will have kilts
having particular
Sword Dance is a Scottish
national dance
Loch Ness Lake
Loch Ness is located in the
North of Scotland.
The lake is over 750 feet deep
and 23 miles long.
Many years it has been supposed
that there is a large dinosaurlike "monster" resident in Loch
Scotland’s Important People
Alexander Graham Bell - the inventor of the telephone
Andrew Carnegie -came to the U.S. and made a fortune in
the iron and steel business. He gave money to build many
of our libraries.
Sean Connery - an actor who starred the first James Bond
Sir Arthur Conan Doyle - the author of Sherlock Holmes
Sheena Easton - a famous pop singer.
Captain Kidd - a famous pirate.
John Muir -founded our U.S. National Park system .
Robert Louis Stevenson - an author of Treasure Island.
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