Taking the Teas

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Taking the TEAS
Don’t stress; just prepare.
Slides and research by Nilza Marie Santana-Castillo, Clemson University Intern in the
TCTC Tutoring Center
TEAS & Nursing
 TEAS stands for:
(T) est of (E)ssential (A)cademic (S)kills
 This exam is required for TCTC students submitting
applications to the ADN Nursing Program
 It’s a test of skills learned during 7th to 12th grade that are
expected for entry-level nurses
Source: http://www.tctc.edu/Documents/Health_Ed/TEAS%20Test%20Information%20for%20ADN.doc
Why Take the TEAS?
 Save money! Passing the TEAS allows you to save
money by not having to get into the program through a
transition taking the LPN route. The test is $45 dollars
(fee subject to change)versus the thousands you’d pay for
LPN courses
What do I need to score for
 SCORING: Minimum scores to qualify for the Nursing
Clinical Entry Application
 Reading 80% English 70%
Math 60% Science 50%
 A student may take the TEAS V test twice (Forms A and B)
during a three year period. The student is responsible for
paying the testing fee both times.
Source: http://www.tctc.edu/Documents/Health_Ed/TEAS%20Test%20Information%20for%20ADN.doc
 For more detailed information about signing up for the
test, cost, and testing site, visit:
How Do I Prepare?
 By studying! These are skills you may know or need to
learn, but you can pick them up before the test and get
the score you need.
 This power point is meant to give you free Internet
supplemental resources that can help you prepare for the
Types of Questions
 The following links have videos that give examples of the
forms of questions you’ll be asked:
 Reading:http://www.mometrix.com/academy/teasreading/
 English & Language
 Math:http://www.mometrix.com/academy/teasmathematics/
 Science: http://www.mometrix.com/academy/teasscience/
Practice Tests
Figure out what you’re strong at and need to study
harder for
Practice Test with a timer to
watch how long certain
questions take you:
Offers free practice tests,
flashcards and study guides.
Gives answers as you complete
each question with an
explanation for why an answer
is wrong/right:
As you answer questions and
work problems, you can scroll
the mouse over answer key to
get the correct answer:
Free practice test, takes you
through a few examples and
then let’s you know your score
with an explanation of why
each answer is right or wrong:
There’s an app for that
 Download the TEAS V Exam Prep 2015 to your electronic
device to study on the go:
What if I need serious review
of math and science
Make an appointment at Tri-County’s Tutoring Center, they do more than
assist with specific classes. They can assist you do practice questions for the
Great online help for all math and science-- khanacademy.org
What if I need help with my
reading and grammar skills?
For grammar visit:
For reading comprehension look at these tips and online workshop from
Saint Louis University: http://www.slu.edu/x32711.xml
Again! Make an appointment with the Tutoring Center for someone who can
go over practice questions with you:
Should I Guess?
Realistically, you won’t always know the answer, so guess with these strategies
If you don’t know ALWAYS GUESS
on TEAS; there’s no penalty for a
wrong answer
Eliminate answers you know are incorrect
Try the “True-False” method, to figure out if
any answers are untrue, therefore incorrect
If the answer has a fill in the blank, this is a
stem question. Eliminate any answers that don’t
fit the stem, whether grammatically or factually
Be suspicious of questions that have absolutes
like “always”, “never”, “every”; rarely do
absolutes exists
When you identify more than one correct
answers, and “all the above” is an option, pick
For multiple choice math questions, eliminate
outstanding high or low numbers that don’t align
with the problem
Use hints from other questions you know to be
right. If a fact from one question relates to
another question you answer, use that
Ensure to read each question fully before
guessing to make sure you didn’t misread, you
should do this whether or not your guessing
These tips are all from:
htm Visit the site for even more
helpful strategies
Tips from Someone Whose
Taken It:
 Here are a few tips from someone who has taken the test before and
blogged about what they did to get a high score:
 http://www.theredirectedlife.com/2012/12/02/how-to-score-a-91or-higher-on-the-teas-exam-and-guarantee-your-seat-into-nursingschool/