Endocrine System Review

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Endocrine System Review
1. According to this diagram, a
gland secretes a chemical.
What is the name of this
2. The organs and tissues that
the chemical is transported
to by the blood is made up
of what kind of cells?
Target cells
3. What do hormones attach to
on these cells?
An important method of
communication between cells
is shown in the
diagram. What is the
chemical referred to in the
1. a hormone important in
maintaining homeostasis
2. an enzyme detected by a cell
membrane receptor
3. DNA necessary for regulating
cell functions
4. a food molecule taken in by an
Which substances are found on cell
surfaces and respond to nerve and
hormone signals?
1. starches and simple sugars
2. subunits of DNA
3. vitamins and minerals
4. receptor molecules
1. What does structure B
2. Explain why cell C is the
target cell.
Cell C has receptors
that fit perfectly with
the hormone.
Which substances are found on cell
surfaces and respond to nerve and
hormone signals?
1. starches and simple sugars
2. subunits of DNA
3. vitamins and minerals
4. receptor molecules
If a human system fails to function
properly, what is the most likely result?
1. a stable rate of metabolism
2. a disturbance in homeostasis
3. a change in the method of cellular
4. a change in the function of DNA
Identify all glands labeled in the diagtam.
Pituitary gland
Parathyroid gland
Thyroid gland
Adrenal glands
1. A hormone that increases the rate and
strength of heart contractions during
times of sudden stress is secreted
by which structure? What is the name of
this hormone?
Adrenal glands
2a.Hormones that regulate the ovaries are
secreted by which structure?
Pituitary gland
2b.What are the name of these hormones?
Follicle stimulating hormone and
luteinizing hormone
1. What is the name of the iodine-containing
hormone that aids in the regulation of
metabolic rate? What structure secretes
this hormone?
4. What structure regulates calcium
Parathyroid glands
5. Which structure regulates blood glucose
levels? What is the name of those hormones?
1. What HORMONE causes blood sugar level to
decrease? What GLAND produces this
2. What part of the brain controls the pituitary
3. What hormones produced by the ovaries
stimulate the production of female secondary
sex characteristics? Estrogen
1. What is the name of the thyroid HORMONE which
controls body metabolism?
1. Which HORMONE helps to stimulate the
development of secondary sex characteristics in the
3. Why is the pituitary glands called the “master gland?”
It regulates other glands in the body.
Increased perspiration, a higher body
temperature, and a rapidly beating heart are
all possible responses to a stressful situation.
These body responses are most likely a direct
result of the interaction of the
1. digestive and endocrine systems
2. digestive and respiratory systems
3. nervous and endocrine systems
4. nervous and reproductive systems
Which graph of blood sugar level over a 12-hour
period best illustrates the concept of
Which statement describes a feedback mechanism
involving the human pancreas?
1. The production of estrogen stimulates the
formation of gametes for sexual reproduction.
2. The level of oxygen in the blood is related to heart
3. The level of sugar in the blood is affected by the
amount of insulin in the blood.
4. The production of urine allows for excretion of cell
Hormones and secretions of the nervous
system are chemical messengers that
1. store genetic information
2. carry out the circulation of materials
3. extract energy from nutrients
4. control and coordinate system
1. This diagram best illustrates
a. recombination
b. feedback
c. insertion
d. deletion
2. What is the function of this process?
Maintain homeostasis.
Regulate hormone levels in the blood.