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Lyndon B. Johnson (LBJ)

Early Life

 Born in Texas  Since his father was a Texas state legislator he was interested in politics at an early age  Served in the military where he received a Silver Star  Worked with President Roosevelt’s New Deal Program in Texas  At the age of 29 became the youngest member of Congress  Vice President for John F. Kennedy  President when Kennedy was assassinated


   Civil Rights Bill of 1964 (the most comprehensive civil rights legislation since Reconstruction) made discrimination illegal Voting Rights Act of 1965 – protected the voting rights of all Americans- eliminated all prerequisite requirements to vote Lyndon Johnson’s Great Society programs expanded people’s rights (Head Start, Job Corps, aid to education, Medicare, Community Action Programs, etc.)

Social Barriers/Restrictions/Obstacles

 Lyndon Johnson’s family overcame losing all of their money (He took odd jobs as a teenager.)


    Born in Texas; grew up in the southwest region Traveled between Texas and Washington, DC Traveled the world as Vice President and then President Traveled throughout the southwest and southeast

Character Traits

  Lyndon Johnson showed cooperation, compassion, and leadership Lyndon Johnson’s belief in liberty and tolerance led him to work hard to protect the rights of all people

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1908 Born 1927 Graduated from college 1928 Principal and Teacher in Texas 1934 Gets married 1937 Elected Representative in Texas 1949 Elected Senator 1961 Vice President with JFK 1963 President after JFK assassinated 1964 Great Society speech 1964 Elected President for second term 1967 Appoints Thurgood Marshall as 1 st Supreme Court Justice 1973 Dies at LBJ Ranch black