The Power of an Effective Network

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Transcript The Power of an Effective Network

The Power of an
Effective Network
Presented by Farah F. Jadran
2013 New York State ACE Women’s Network Annual Conference
Your network is unique.
 What makes an effective network?
 You are the cause to your own success.
 Different objectives mean different approaches
 Needs
 Goals
Back to the basics
 Public speaking and oral communication are two of
the most sought after skills in all careers.
 Your ability to write is a prime tool.
 Written.
 Typed.
The traditional network
 Your alma mater
 Circles of interest
 Colleagues
 Networking groups
The “new” network
Going virtual
 Social media
 Blogging
 Video
Staying Connected
Social media
Sharing knowledge
Celebrating success
Social Media
What are your options?
When can I stop networking?
Connecting others & referrals.
What causes would you like to support?
Participating in charity events
Engaging others
Serving on a Board of Directors
Sharing knowledge
 Your knowledge and experiences are valuable.
 Serve on a panel.
 Public speaking and seminars.
 Be a credible source.
Celebrating success
 Highlight your accomplishments, but also
celebrate the success of your colleagues.
 How can I spread the good news?
 Personal newsletter
 Blog about it
 Media outlets
Setting your goals
Benefitting from the network you created
Being successful
Connect with me…
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Associate Editor, Syracuse Parent Magazine
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And connect with your colleagues!
Start a network today.
Expand your existing network today.
Enjoy the benefits of your network!
2013 New York State ACE Women’s Network Annual Conference