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Stromboli, Italy
Carl Lipani
Jabari Hurdle-Price
Department of Geology
Colby College
Basic Info
o Stratovolcano
o Sciara del Fucco
o “Stream of Fire”
o 2 km in Diameter
o Elevation: 924 m
o Aeolian Islands
o African Plate and Eurasian
Plate Subduction Zone
Mount Etna
• Theory: a microplate called the Ionian Plate broke
and pushed into the Eurasian Plate, creating an
opening in the Earth connecting to the mantle
• Hawaiian volcanoes are:
- Mostly basaltic
- Mafic magma
- On top of a hot spot
• It is strange that Mt. Etna and Stromboli are so
basaltic and have mafic magma
Active Eruptions for 2,000+ years
Intervals from minutes to hours daily
Major Eruptions: 1919, 1930, 2003
“Lighthouse of the Mediterranean”
Rocks and Deposits
o Major rocks:
o Potassium rich basalt and andesite
o Minor rocks:
o Tephrite basanite
Interesting info
• In Jules Verne’s novel Journey to the Center of the Earth
(Voyage au Centre de la Terre), Axel and Otto Lidenbrock
emerge from their subterranean journey from the volcano on
• Stromboli the movie!
• Stromboli the Food!
• Villages have a population of 500 people
• More than 7,000 residents inhabit the island
during the summer
• The hike from the villages to the summit
normally takes three hours of hiking
• Very rare to get hurt or die from the volcano
Active monitoring
New integrated
geodetic monitoring
system at Stromboli
=Permanent GPS
Back up Systems
“Real-time Monitoring”
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