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Floating Treatment Wetlands are the newest
advance in the established field of
constructed wetlands.
The BioHaven® Floating Treatment Wetland
is the “most innovative” constructed wetland
technology developed to date.
New Zealand Institute of Water and Atmospheric Research
BioHaven Matrix
Barrington, IL – Citizens for Conservation
Effluent water
Sheepy Lake, CA/OR border – 39,000 sq ft
Singapore 2010
Singapore 2010
Jinan, China – Yangri Park, April 2010
Jinan, China
Shanghai, China
Lincoln Park Zoo, Chicago
Unaffected by fluctuations in water levels
Versatility - simple, passive to active, dynamic
Zero-to-low power consumption
Solar, wind
Small footprint
Deep water applications
Intensified results
Modular – add more as needed
Additional values - habitat, aesthetic, economic
Aggressive aeration capability
Temperature homogenization
De-stratification ability
The Sequestration Pathways
The Sequestration Pathways - upward
Carbon is sequestered in terrestrial plant growth on top of the islands
The Sequestration Pathways - upward
Here you see gas coming off biofilm in a Leviathan runway
The Sequestration Pathways - downward
Carbon is sequestered in organic debris accumulating below the islands
The Sequestration Pathways - inward
Carbon is sequestered in roots and microbes growing within the islands
The Sequestration Pathways – outward – Floating Supermarket effect
Carbon is sequestered in the organisms that benefit from the islands
MBRCT Grant #1 Nutrient Removal - matrix only
Reduce Nitrate at a rate of 10,600 mg/(ft2*day)
Reduce Phosphate at a rate of 428 mg/(ft2*day)
Nitrify ammonia at a rate of 770 mg/(ft2*day)
Ngaruawahia WW lagoons, NZ
TSS removal from Landfill Leachate ponds
McLean’s Pit, Greymouth, NZ
Otane WWTP, NZ
Marton WWTP, NZ
“The aeration system is a
coiled tube that forms a disk
and air is pumped into the
tubes. The small bubbles
emitted from the disks aerate
the lake and cause an upward
draft to mix the lake.
This helped but still was not
This spring they installed six
250 foot Floating Islands and it
is believed that the
combination of aeration, mixing
and habitat for zooplankton is
what has made a huge
difference for managing the
algal blooms”.
Bayou Savage, LA
Lincoln Park Zoo, Chicago, IL
Metra Park Storm water installation, Billings, MT
LSU Effluent study (Dr Brian LeBlanc)
Oil Spill Mediation, LA – FIES and LSU
NC mesocosm study, storm water (Dr Bill Hunt)
Hart-Miller project, MD
Dannon Garth, MD
AEP, SE Ohio – reclaimed land project
AEP, Gavin OH, tailings pond
Floating wetland Bio-chamber experiment, LSU
The Stables – South Africa
At the Shepherd Research Center….
Maximized Habitat islands
Wind/solar output comparison
Metal Removal – tank tests
Phosphate removal – pillow bags
Modeling ability for Leviathan™
BioSeeding – field tests
Parabolic solar water heating Island
Dissolved Oxygen and Nutrient monitoring – all ponds
Nutrient removal from synthetic wastewater – tank tests
Fish growth-rate monitoring (yellow perch, black crappie, cutthroat trout)
BioGas and Buoyancy tests
Leviathan field tests
Pond de-stratification
Solar aeration tests
Carpet fiber toxicity testing
Property-wide nutrient uptake measurement….and many more
Pollution issues in Shepherd
BioHaven® Shadow Islands™
BioHaven® Specialized habitat platforms
BioHaven® fish protection
Calgary, Canada
Toronto, Canada
Montreal, Canada
Wiconisco, PA
Salton Sea, CA
East River, New York, NY
New Zealand
Chicago River, Chicago, IL
Shepherd, MT
Bill Dance™, TN
New Hampshire
Lake Hartwell, SC
Lake Sinclair, GA
Delta Waterfowl
Citizens for Conservation, IL
Native Sod Solutions, ID
White Water Associates, MI
New England Wildflower Society
Rochester, NY
Helena, MT
Bird Sanctuary, Billings, MT
Dutchy Lake, OR
- Nutrient removal from Fish Hatchery effluent
- Nutrient removal from storm water runoff
- Improved water quality, algal reduction
- Nutrient removal from a waste water treatment facility
- Salt extraction from the Salton Sea
- Greenscape and beautification
- ABC program: improvement of water quality and beautification
- NIWA: heavy metal removal from storm water runoff
- Beautification and habitat restoration
- Habitat restoration, nutrient removal, regional experimentation
- Montana Board of Research & Commercialization Grant (nutrient removal)
- Fish habitat and fish spawning platforms
- Dairy farm effluent pond: nutrient removal
- Fish habitat restoration and PCB mitigation
- Beautification and fish habitat
- Water fowl nesting and habitat restoration
- Wetland restoration
- Swan and crane nesting habitat
- Water fowl habitat restoration
- Aesthetics and native plant propagation
- Nutrient removal and beach restoration on Lake Ontario
- Fairgrounds Pond – heavy use by waterfowl
- Swan nesting platform
- USACE Caspian Tern nesting project
10052 Floating Island
Shepherd, MT