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Classroom Research & Research
• Introduce education research
• Problem
• Question
• Taxonomy of questions
• Draft a research question
• Begin to think about and start to
develop a strong research design
Defining the Scholarship of
Teaching & Learning (SoTL)
Write a list of words you would use to
define the scholarship of teaching and
Scholarship of Teaching and Learning
(SoTL) - A Brief History
According to Boyer:
• "Excellence in the classroom is all
too often undervalued."
• SoTL involves planning, assessing,
and modifying one's teaching.
• SoTL means applying to teaching
the same exacting standards of
evaluation that are used in
The Scholarship of Teaching &
• Many definitions
• Some are discipline,
institution specific
• Systematic investigation
of a selected aspect of
student learning where
data is gathered and
• Results are made public
In scholarship and research, having a
“problem” is at the heart of the
investigative process. …. But in one’s
teaching, a “problem” is something
you don’t’ want to have and if you
have one, you probably want to fix
Randy Bass. 1999. “The Scholarship of Teaching: What’s the
Problem?” Inventio
Moving from Problem to Question
Changing the status of the problem in
teaching from terminal remediation
to ongoing investigation is precisely
what the movement for a scholarship
of teaching is all about.”
Randy Bass. 1999. “The Scholarship of Teaching: What’s the
Problem?” Inventio
Taxonomy of SoTL Questions
What works?
-measurement of
What is?
-examination of a
What unifies?
-defining models &
frameworks that
influence practice
Activity- Examining Articles
Hoskins, Lopatto, & Stevens (2011). “The C.R.E.A.T.E.
Approach to Primary Literature Shifts
Undergraduates’ Self-Assessed Ability to Read and
Analyze Journal Articles, Attitudes about Science,
and Epistemological Beliefs”. CBE-Life Sciences
Education. 10: 368-378.
• What is the research problem?
• What is the research question?
• Taxonomy of question?
Activity- Examining Articles
Darland & Carmichael (2012) “Long-Term Retention
of Knowledge and Critical Thinking Skills in
Developmental Biology”. JMBE. 13(2):125-132.
• What is the research problem?
• What is the research question?
• Taxonomy of question?
Your Turn…..
• What is your teaching/learning
• What is/are your research
Steps Towards Defining the
Ask yourself:
1. What learning/teaching problem do I
2. What is the evidence that the problem
3. Is this evidence strong? Are my
assumptions few?
4. Is my problem local, nationwide, or
Properties of a Good Research
• Something you care about
• Connects with things others care about
• Helps open “the black box of student
• Focused and manageable
• Leads to other questions
Checklist of things to think about when
identifying your research question
Is the scope of your project reasonable?
Is the question one that can be answered?
How much time can you realistically devote to
this research?
Have you done a literature review that helps
further define your research question?
Do you have expertise in the methods you plan
to use?
Do you have colleagues to support you?
Who can help you if you get stuck?
Places to find your answer
Reading of student papers
Student reflections
Student portfolio
Classroom assessments
Think alouds
Focus groups
Case study of a single student over time
Tracking patterns or achievement