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and How Not to Screw Them Up Jazmin Webb

What is a hyphen?

A hyphen is the connecting mark that is used between words or parts of words.



A hyphen is different from a dash.

A dash is used to show emphasis in a sentence Ex) What he said was true – or so I thought. Whereas a hyphen is used to combine words or phrases.

Ex) 16-years-old

When to use a hyphen

A hyphen is used when distinguishing a word from a homonym.

Ex) Recover (to get well) Vs.

Re-cover (to cover again)

A hyphen is also used when the prefix is the same letter of the root word.

Ex) Pr e-e xisting or Sem i-i ndependent

A hyphen is appropriate when the prefix or suffix is added to a name, number, proper noun, or symbol. Ex) Post 1 990’s heavy metal (number) Ex S oviet Scientist (proper noun) Anti T immy Club (name)

Hyphens are always used with words that contain numbers or are combined with the suffix -half. Ex) 8 -bit computer First -time buyer One half cup

Most commonly, a hyphen is used to take two or more words with equal functions and make a new, single compound word with a different meaning. Ex) His house has blue-green walls Its on a one-to-one ratio That is a one-of-a-kind phone

These are the basic functions and proper ways to use a hyphen. Try not to mess it up anymore. 


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