Unit 7: Fitness testing for sport and exercise

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Transcript Unit 7: Fitness testing for sport and exercise


What have done in unit 7 so far?

Seven parameters we test?

Fitness tests?

Health questionnaires? Health Screening?


You should have now uploaded P1/M1 & P2. Your P2 will be used as part of the rest of the module so ensure that It is up to scratch!


Work in groups of three, you need to perform the following on two contrasting individuals… Useful Tips To achieve P3 you need to: • Use the health screening questionnaire to gather information from the contrasting athletes’.

Make sure that you obtain signatures and dates.

• Follow the correct health screening procedure on completion of the questionnaire Create a profile for each of the two clients, outlining any issues taken from the health questionnaires, interests activity levels, health conditions etc.


• Personal details (name, age, sex, date of birth) • Medical history (heart related, blood pressure, asthma, diabetes) • Lifestyle information (diet, exercise, smoking / drinking habits) • Place for signatures and dates of the athletes’ and witnesses’.

To achieve P4 you need to safely administer and interpret the results of four health monitoring tests making sure that you: • Follow the test protocol (i.e. how it should be performed and any important safety points) for 4 of the following: Resting heart rate, Maximum heart rate, Blood pressure, Lung function, Waist-to-hip ratio, Body mass index.

• Record the results • Interpret the results


Have an introduction of the clients that are being assessed… Use all relevant information from the health screening questionnaire, interests etc. if this is presented well you will achieve the P3.

For the P4 outline what tests you are going to carry out and what this will tell you about your client. Record the results in an appropriate legible format.

M2 To achieve M2 you need to use information from both the health screening questionnaires and the health monitoring tests and describe: • The strengths for both the athletes’ • The areas for improvement for both the athletes’ and how this can be achieved.

If you attempt the D1 you need to… To achieve D1 you need to evaluate both athletes’ health screening questionnaires and health monitoring tests. You should: • Evaluate the strengths, outlining the benefits associated with an improvement in lifestyle according to research • Evaluate the areas for improvement, outlining the potential consequences of not improving lifestyle according to research • Provide suitable recommendations as to how each can improve their lifestyle