Wardrobe in the Workplace

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Transcript Wardrobe in the Workplace

Abiyan Eaglin
 What you have on leaves a lasting impression.
 Stay professional and neat at all times.
 You are respected and treated by your appearance.
 Clothing says a lot about your character and detail.
 Understanding the importance of being professional.
 You represent company who you work for.
 Keep in mind the office dress code policy.
 Is what I am wearing appropriate and professional.
 Dress to impress, and always be prepared.
 Always keep in mind hygiene and appearance.
 Choose clothes that fit and look decent not cheap.
 So you do not look out of place in company dress code.
 Understanding company culture ensures your future.
 Planning your wardrobe helps gain respect.
 Company will promote you one day & all your efforts.
Men – hair neatly groomed
Women – no nail designs
Men – no wrinkles in clothes
Women – don’t dress to sexy
Men – professional dress
Women – keep hair nice
Men – too much cologne
Women – too much perfume
Men – outfit & clothes match
Women – no excessive jewelry
 Shorts, tank or tube tops, sweatpants, spandex,
 Cut off shirts, strapless dresses, sneakers, flip-flops,
 Slippers, worn fabric, holes in attire, not clean clothes.
 As in picture below, this attire is not appropriate.
 Khakis or dockers including slacks, polo shirt,
 Dress shirt, business casual and professional,
 Nice suit and tie, women nice blouse or long skirt,
 Nice clean shoes, women nice clean heels or flats.
 Pictures below are good examples of professional attire
 When Little Things Count - Book
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