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NED Portal is a means to strengthen teacher-student ties.
 Now, while on campus students can enjoy the following
Portal features:
1. All uploaded content by teachers of their respective
subjects will be readily available for download, for e.g.
Lectures, Assignments, Marks List, Teacher course related
announcements etc.
2. Students can view their attendance till the date updated by
their department.
3. Students can view their profile and notices from registrar
issued to them on individual basis.
4. Students can view their Sessional Marks at the end of
academic session.
5. Students can view the Examination Schedule/Results.
Portal is available on Intranet only. Some TCP/IP configuration
is required to access Portal server, in case you are not able to
get Portal page, contact your lab administrator.
The portal can be accessed by the following URL:
Registration of New Student
New Students are registered at the start of the session. User ID and
Password are available with their IT Manager. Passwords can be
changed later after logging into the portal.
General notices from Registrar, Student Affairs, DIL and Examination are
available on portal. Students can view these notices without login.
Enter your given User ID and password in the box as shown
“My courses” tab shows all those courses which are currently being studied by
students. On these course links student can access any course material
uploaded by their relevant course teacher.
Students can E-mail their Questions, Suggestions,
Feedback & Comments on this email
[email protected]
If students are not able to logon to Portal and can not
perform activities shown on previous slide, then they
may contact Portal Support Representative Person (I.T.
Manager of concerned department) or Portal Section’s
Support person at the following Extension Number
Ext# 2373 , 2377
Or visit personally.