Macbeth: Acts 4 and 5

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Transcript Macbeth: Acts 4 and 5

Macbeth: Acts 4 and 5
English 12
Warm Up
• Why do you think the witches chose
Macbeth? Was it random or was it planned?
Act 4, Scene 1
• Watch Act 4, Scene 1 cartoon to review the
action of the scene.
Act 4, Scene 1 Summary
• Witches performing their rituals/preparing for
Macbeth’s arrival.
• Macbeth enters/asks the witches to reveal the
truth of their prophecies to him
• The witches summon three ghosts or
• First apparition: Floating head tells him to
beware of Macduff
Act 4, Scene 1 Summary
• Second apparition: Bloody child- “none of woman
born shall harm Macbeth”
• Third apparition: Crowned child holding a tree/
Macbeth is safe until Birnam Wood moves to
Dunsinane Hill.
• Macbeth is shown a line of kings with Banquo at
the end/demands to know the meaning but the
witches vanish.
• Lennox enters/tells Macbeth that Macduff has
fled to England/Macbeth sends people to capture
his castle and kill his wife and children.
Act 4, Scene 2 Summary
• At Macduff’s castle, Lady Macduff asks Ross why
her husband has fled Scotland/feels betrayed.
• Ross tells her to trust her husbands judgment and
then leaves.
• Lady Macduff tells her son that his father is
dead/he does not believe her.
• Messenger enters and warns Lady Macduff that
she is in danger/She protests.
• Murderers enter and kill Lady Macduff and their
young son.
Act 4, Scene 1
1. Why do you think Shakespeare decides to
show us the witches performing their satanic
rituals? (Page 370)
Shakespeare does this to show the reader that
the witches mischief against Macbeth is purely
evil in nature and has been carefully planned.
Act 4, Scene 1
2. What do you think Macbeth will ask the
witches? (Lines 60-61)
• He will ask the witches about what his future
Act 4, Scene 1
3. What do you think the apparition of the bloody
child represents to Macbeth? (Lines 76-80)
• The bloody child tells Macbeth that he cannot
be defeated by one of woman born.
• The fact that the child is bloody is a hint that a
child born by Caesarian section, a much bloodier
method of birth than the standard one, would
be an exception to this rule.
Act 4, Scene 1
4. What do you think Macbeth will do after
hearing the apparition’s predictions? (Lines 98100)
Macbeth will figure out a way to kill Macduff
and his family.
Act 4, Scene 1
5. How does Macduff’s escape frustrate
Macbeth’s plans? (Lines 141-142)
It frustrates his plans because he cannot get to
Macduff if he is in England being supported by
Malcolm and King Edward. He will only be able
to kill Macduff’s family, who still remains in
Act 4, Scene 2
7. Why has Macduff fled Scotland without telling
his wife? (Lines 1-3)
He has fled without telling his wife for the
safety of herself and their family. He feels like
the less that they know, the safer they are.
Act 4, Scene 2
8. What do you think Macduff will do when he
learns that his son has been murdered? (Lines
This question is open for interpretation. A
possible answer: He will be devastated and will
vow to take his revenge on Macbeth by any
means necessary.
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• Complete Act 4 Vocabulary Worksheet and
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Warm Up
• How do you think traitors should be dealt
with? Why?
Act 4, Scene 3
• Watch Act 4, Scene 3 and follow along in your
• Fill in the discussion questions as we go.