The state of implementation of CIM in MAVIR

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Transcript The state of implementation of CIM in MAVIR

The state of implementation of CIM in MAVIR

CIM Users Group 2011 Prague Bence BAJI Process Control IT DEP

Presentation Contents

• ENTSO-E business processes • MAVIR Market processes • MAVIR Planning processes • MAVIR Operational processes • MAVIR CIM tools • Open issues

2020. április 26.


ENTSO-E business processes

Source:ENTSO-E CIM MEP v1.

• 2009 - ENTSTO-E TSOs have been underlining their commitmet to apply the CIM-based data exchange format in all data exchange processes


MAVIR’s market processes

Source: ENTSO-E EDI Library

• MAVIR implemented most of the ENTSO-E EDI data exchange formats – Scheduling process (ESS) – Capacity allocation and nomination process (ECAN) – Settlement process (ESP) – Reserve resource process (ERRP) • MAVIR is affected by CIM Market integration (CME)


Planning processes

Source:ENTSO-E CIM MEP v1.

• CIM-based data exchange format is required by ENTSO-E • MAVIR sends PSS/E (binary) format now • Decided to buy or develop a CIM-based tool in the near future


Operational processes

Source:ENTSO-E CIM MEP v1.

• CIM-based data exchane format is in test phase.

• MAVIR sends UCTE-DEF ASCII files as usual • MAVIR sends CIM-XML for every wednesday


UCTE-DEF -> CIM-XML Converter

• 1st Goal: replace EDF Converter • Own converter since the end of 2010 • Developer: Astron Infomatika Kft. • JAVA based application • Fulfils MAVIR’s needs – Doesn’t support the previously unused functionalities (e.g. #E and #TT) • Validated with CIMdesk only


New CIM XML generator module

• Siemens Spectrum upgrade from 3.4 to 3.11

• Now: Spectrum 3.8

• Some modules are CIM-based, some NOT • Network Analyzer module works with text based database only (DBNETD) • We needed a new solution to generate CIM/XML for DACF • Developer: Astron Infomatika Kft. • In the site acceptance phase • Some open issues


What is needed for CIM DACF

Transmission system model Generation schedules Load schedules Switching schedules Transformer info Load Flow solution Node Voltage and angle Power flow Limit violation Equipment Topology State Variables


Generating method 1

Populate CMMS with power system model • Generate MRIDs Common Model Management System + Information Model Manager +Transmission Network App.

• CIM-based master model repository and model manager and user interface and network analyzer Model export back to text based database (DBNETD) Model export to CIM-based RDF or XDF files


Generating method 2

New JAVA application pre-process the model • Create Equipment and Static Topology Populate the NA Dadabase from DBNETD Copy EQ + static TP to Network App. servers New FORTRAN procedure • Create Dynamic Topology and State Variables


Generating method 3

New JAVA-based generator • Process the created models • Generate ENTSO-E CIM-XML files


MAVIR’s CIM Solution +/-

• Based on ENTSO-E MEP v1 and ready for the Profile v2 • Manual and Automatic mode • Provides CIM-XML for DACF and 2DACF • Provides „full” model for CAO (Central Allocation Office) • Generates EQ+TP+SV or ME • Configuration files (e.g. important network parts) • Does complete topological processing (e.g. Topological islands) • Supports incremental model exchange (just need headers) • One way converter (only CIM-XML export) • CMMS is new for us • Validated with CIMdesk only • 3W Transfomer = 3 * 2W Transformer


Open issues

• X-nodes, Common Objects?

• Profile v1 referenced on draft standards • System modeling issues – What should we keep under 120 kV?

– No live or default value for a mandatory attribute?

• Lack of complete validation tool (functionally) – ENTSO-E Network Modeling Database?

– Is CIMdesk enough?

• Lack of examples • We need stronger CIM community


Thank you for your attention!

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2020. április 26.