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The Itis Family

OsteoRheumPsoriaticReactiveJuvenile rheumatoidGouty


OA, the most common arthritis,

affects more than Americans and is a leading cause of disability.

21 million

At present, there is

no available therapy that can reverse the damage of OA in the joint, but many studies are underway.

Rheumatoid arthritis

a chronic disease that causes pain,

stiffness, swelling, and limitation in the motion and function of multiple joints.

rheumatoid nodules beneath the skin in

areas such as the elbow and hands

low-grade fevers, loss of energy, loss of


RA is the most common form of

inflammatory arthritis usually female and 4 th -5 th decade

Psoriatic arthritis

body's immune system goes into

overdrive and causes excessive inflammation

between ages 30 to 50, but can begin

in childhood

Only about 15 percent of people with

psoriasis develop the disease

Reactive arthritis

Swollen, painful and stiff joints, often

involving the knees and/or ankles

Reaction to an infectious agent are typically

male, between the ages of 20-50

Self limiting Although many infections, including viruses,

can result in a reactive arthritis, the term usually applies to symptoms occurring after an infection of the bowel or genitals


Joint inflammation and begin before

the age of 16

Systemic onset, Pauciarticular and


Not regarded as hereditary Research points to exposure to an

infectious trigger

JRA targets the lining of the joint


Gout occurs when excess uric acid

accumulates in the body, and crystals deposit in the joints.

about 1 in 100 people and as many as

6 – 7 percent of older men

Gout is strongly associated with

obesity hypertension, hyperlipidemia and diabetes


Aching and stiffness affecting the

upper arms, neck, buttocks, and thighs.

Rarely in people younger than 50 Rarely causes swollen joints Respond promptly and completely to

low doses of corticosteroids

Early ra

Early ra

Moderate ra

Severe Ra


Biggest symptomChronic (greater than 6 weeks)Escalating (after, with, before, at


Occasionally migratingGrowing unresponsive to remediesEffecting ADL

’ s

Associated symptoms

StiffnessJoint noiseHeatWeaknessSleep disorderEmotional changeTrigger points

Testing testing……..

XraysMri’sJoint fluidBiopsy Blood = rheumatoid factor, sed rate, cbc,

uric acid, ana, c-reactive protein, hlab27, anti-cyclic citrullinated peptide

Time for a treat

Electrical, needleAntiinflammatories- NSAID, SteroidMuscle relaxersPain control agentsMood alteringInjections- Steroids, HADMARD’sTopicals, herbals


Motrin, advil, ibuprofen, aleve,

naprosyn, nuprin, aspirin

Feldene, orudis, dolobid, voltaren,

cataflam, indocin, clinoril, daypro

ToradolLodine, Relafen, mobicCelebrex, vioxx, bextraPrednisone, medrol

Muscle relaxers


VicodinT 3DarvocetPercocetDilaudidOpiates


Mood altering



Disease Modifying Agents of


Cytoxan, imuran, cyclosporine,

methotrexate, leukoran, plaquenil

Humira, remicade, orencia,

Herbal supplements

CapsicumWhite willow barkTurmericGingerDevils clawBurdockBoswelia

Alternative supplements

Omega 3 fish oil(

eicosapentanoic acid, docosahexaenoic acid)

Glucosamine sulfateShark cartilagePlant based bioflavinoids (limbrel)

Diet no

No dairy No refined sugarNo intoxicantsNo SweetsNo excess meat or protein from any


Diet yes

Fruits veggies and their juicesSeaweedsSprouts of seed, grains, legumesO-3 foods and oilsCooked grains, lightly cooked veg and


Raw veg sprout salad

The consultants

Rheumatology Physical medicine and rehabilitationOrthopedic surgeonsSportsmedicine specialistsPrimary careChiropractorNaturopath

Hands on

Physical therapistChiropractorMassage therapistAcupuncturistTai chi intructorYogiReiki therapistReflexologistIridologist, craniosacral therapist, ayurveda



Nutrition / dietarySpiritual / prayerHerbalistAromatherapy blenderNaturopathHomeopathHuman resources / disability

Dr Saguil’s approach

Cool down the worse joints (meds/herbs)Rule out big diseaseGet the patient to function dailyGet the patient to rehab or flexibility


Antiinflammatory dietWean off medsWean on herbs

Dr saguil’s shortcut

Cool downGet movingBuild up Get off meds (or shorter term goals)Maintain“Cut it out”

Be patient