National Convocation Disciples Women Report

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Transcript National Convocation Disciples Women Report

National Convocation Disciples
Women Report
• National Convocation Disciples Women
• Consists of Disciples Women of the National
Convocation of the Christian Church(Disciples
of Christ) which includes our Missionary
Conventions and Fellowship Groups:
Piedmont District Convention, Texas Christian
Missionary Fellowship, Tennessee Christian
Missionary, Kentucky Missionary, Mississippi
Christian Missionary Convention, and Church of
Christ (Disciples of Christ)
Be Still and Know that I am God
• Theme for 2014 Biennial Session of the
• National Convocation
• Columbus, Ohio
• Our Luncheon Theme:
• Silence is Golden
• As we are still and listen to God….
• The results are Golden
Our Guest Speaker
• Rev. Dr. LaTaunya (Toni) Bynum
Regional Staff Ohio
Service Project 2014
YWCA – Family Center Columbus
(Family center-YWCA Columbus)
Donating items most needed: infant and children
clothes, women hygiene products, and
• baby items(,diapers, wipes, formula) etc.
We Celebrate! We Communicate!!
We Enable !!!
We celebrate : At our biennial sessions a display
picturing women from all regions, all levels of
the church, our founders, our leaders,
beginners, our seekers, our liberators, snap
shots of women at their retreats and other
• Sharing the Scripture : Opening the
• Worship service at 2013 General Assembly
We Communicate
• Umoja Unity
• The newsletter Umoja Unity, which translates
to Unity-Oneness-Harmony, is created by and
produced for the Disciples Women of the
National Convocation of the Christian Church
(Disciples of Christ) and edited by the Disciples
Women program staff and myself. Its purpose
is to inform and invite women to participate in
the wonder that is our Church.
We communicate through……..
not only Umoja Unity
Disciples Women
Just Women Magazine
Quadrennial Assembly
Facebook and Twitter
We Enable
We Enable through
Leadership Apprentice Program
(formerly known as Enabler Ministry), established
by the Office of Disciples Women in 1996 as a
leadership development program for AfricanAmerican Disciples women, now aimed at
equipping all Disciples women of Color to serve in
their home congregations and in regional and
general arenas of church life.
• Our purpose: to provide opportunities for
spiritual growth enrichment education and
creative ministries to enable women to
develop a sense of personal responsibility for
the whole mission of the church of Jesus
Christ and to provide a channel through which
women in the congregations and the regional
Women Ministries in the U.S and Canada may
be joined in fellowship and find means for
effective participation in the Christian
Church(Disciples of Christ)
• Our GOAL for 2014
• Unveil the National Convocation Endowment
Fund for African-American Disciples Women
at the 23rd Biennial Session Luncheon
I still have peace
I still believe
I can conquer anything
And its still by the GRACE of God
Submitted by
Marilyn F. Williams