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Robert Edwards

Serving All 50 States And 98 Countries Worldwide

Infrastructure Environment Energy


• Highways, Streets, and Bridges • Traffic Control and Signalization • Expressways and Interchanges • Ports, Harbors, and Marinas • Locks and River Navigation • Dams and Reservoirs • Water Supply Treatment and Distribution • Storm Water Retention/Detention Projects • Wastewater Collection, Treatment, and Reuse


• Air Quality • Hazardous Waste Management • Solid Waste/RCRA • Site Investigations • Water Pollution Control/Treatment • Ecosystem Restoration • Other Special Services – Sustainable Design


• Energy Conservation/Savings Opportunities • Power Supply Planning • Steam-Electric Generation Plants • Hydroelectric Installations • Cogeneration Facilities • Fluidized bed Combustion Systems • Gas-, Oil-, Diesel-Driven, Generators • Power Transmission and Distribution • Rural Electrification Programs • Electric Systems Mapping

Federal Experience

• Civil Works – Flood Control, Navigation, Emergency Response • Military – Base Development (Operational Buildings and Facilities) – Infrastructure (Utilities, Roads, Airfields, etc) • Environmental – HTRW Remediation – Ecosystem Restoration

Military Base Experience In the U.S.


Flood Risk Management Planning Cedar Rapids, Iowa

Sustainable Design

Iowa City Readiness Center Iowa City, Iowa

Environmental - Ecosystem Restoration

Calhoun Point Illinois

Building Architecture and Engineering

Intel Training Facility Goodfellow Air Force Base, Texas

Program Management

Program & Asset Management $18.2 billion in Reconstruction Projects in Iraq

Construction Engineering Services

London Avenue Closure Structure New Orleans, Louisiana

Military Facilities

Al Dhafra Flight Line Al Dhafra, UAE

Airfields and Roadways

Andersen AFB-New South Runway Andersen Air Force Base, Guam

Water Resources

Everglades, Florida


RO System Colorado


138kV/345kV Capricorn Ridge Transmission Capricorn Ridge, Texas Rock Island Arsenal Steam Plant Rock Island, Illinois

River Navigation

Rock Island District Dataset Development 3D BIM Model Lock 22 Rock Island, Illinois


Levee Inspection USACE Vicksburg and Jacksonville Districts Levee Design New Orleans, Louisiana

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