Library Tour for new LLM students

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Transcript Library Tour for new LLM students

Library Tour for University
of London LLM students
Institute of Advanced Legal
Studies 2004
Welcome to the Institute of Advanced Legal
Studies Library
This tour by PowerPoint aims to give you a
brief introduction to Library services to new
University of London LLM students.
It follows coverage of a normal 20 minute
tour around the Library given by Library staff
at the beginning of each academic year
Main users of the Library (1)
The Institute of Advanced Legal Studies is a
postgraduate law institute of the University of
The main day-to-day users of the Library are
postgraduate students from the various
University of London colleges
It is also used by research students and
academic staff from around the world
Main users of the Library (2)
Practising lawyers also use the Library
on payment of a fee
Undergraduate students and students
doing their professional qualifications
are not admitted to the Library
Opening hours
Opening hours are 9am - 8pm MondayFriday and 10am - 5.30pm on Saturday.
The Library is closed on Sundays
These opening hours remain the same
throughout the summer
The Library is closed for a few days
over Christmas and New Year and at
Entrance and exit
The Library entrance and exit are on
the 4th floor of the building
You will always need your Library card
to come in to the Library. You simply
need to swipe it through the turnstile.
There is a £1 charge if you forget you
card and a £5 charge for a replacement
if you lose your card
The dos and don’ts
You are welcome to bring bags and coats into
the Library but you can hire a locker for £5
for the year if you wish. Simply ask at the
ground floor entrance desk.
Mobile phones must be switched off before
coming into the Library.
Food and drink is not allowed in the Library.
There is an LLM noticeboard next to the main
lifts on the 4th floor which has the LLM
timetable, any amendments eg room
changes, class cancellations and any Library
notices relevant to LLM students.
There is also a more general Library
noticeboard just inside the turnstile on the
left-hand side
Subject guides – printed and
There are around 20 printed subject guides
which are aimed mainly to help new LLM
students. They cover subjects like EU law,
International Economic Law, Commercial Law
etc. Copies of these are available to pick up in
the Library entrance area.
There is also a new and growing series of
online subject guides on the website which
aim to introduce students to useful printed
and electronic resources for their subject.
Other Library guides – printed
and online
There are a number of printed Library guides
available in the library including Finding your
way round the Library, Finding Journal
articles, Finding cases and legislation as well
as guides on our electronic information
services, and on connecting your computer
laptops and using email
There are also a number of online library
guides on our website to finding different
types of legal information
Issue & enquiry desk
The issue & enquiry desk is located on the
4th floor in the Library Concourse area. It is
staffed by 2 librarians throughout the library
opening hours. It closes 15 minutes before
the Library closes each day.
It is the only enquiry point in the Library.
Do ask at the desk if you are having
difficulties finding the materials you need.
LLM material
We aim to make available all of the law texts
which appear on LLM reading lists. Some of
the interdisciplinary titles may be available at
the relevant college Library.
If you are unable to find a particular title in
the Library do fill out a recommendation form
on the 4th floor or let us know at the issue &
enquiry desk.
Short loan & offprint collection
The Short loan collection is held behind
the issue & enquiry desk. It contains
the most heavily used core textbooks
on LLM reading lists and a few journal
and law report titles.
You simply need to ask at the desk for
items by author and title.
Short loan & offprint collection
The offprint collection is held at the issue
& enquiry desk and is a collection of
copies of journal articles, law reports etc
which have been deposited by lecturers for
particular LLM courses. They are arranged
in number order.
You can search for offprints in the
catalogue by keyword or by course name
and you simply need to ask for offprints by
number at the desk.
Borrowing from the Short loan &
offprint collection
You can borrow 2 textbooks from the
Short loan collection, up to 5 journal
volumes and 5 offprints at one time.
All material from the Short loan and
offprint collection is issued for 3 hours
at a time. After 4.45pm (2.15pm Sat)
the textbooks can be borrowed
overnight until 10am (11am Sat).
Borrowing from the main
You can borrow 2 books from the main
collection for one day at a time. Books are
due back by 7.45pm (5.15pm Sat) the
following day, or Monday if borrowed on
These books can be renewed up to 3 times,
reservations permitting, either at the enquiry
desk or offsite via the Library catalogue
Reference material
Material which is for reference use in
the Library only includes:
law reports
series of legislation
Items with the classmark RF
Library catalogue (1)
This is quite likely to be the first place
you look to see whether the Library
holds the material you need.
There are several dedicated catalogue
terminals in the Library but it is also
possible to access our catalogue from
any PC with internet access. It is
available on our website
Library catalogue (2)
The catalogue contains all book and journal
The search options include Author, Title,
Keyword, Subject heading etc.
It is often worth trying more than one type of
search if your first one is unsuccessful. For
instance try a keyword search if an exact title
search was unsuccessful.
Library catalogue (3)
When you have found the title you are
looking for the catalogue entry will show you
a classmark such as SG75 HIG. You can use
our floor directories or the Finding your way
round the Library guide to find out which
floor that classmark is on.
Please note that the catalogue includes the
holdings of several other institutes so you
may need to check that the location is IALS.
Library catalogue (4)
You may come across the following classmark
entries on the catalogue:
FOL - This stands for folio and means the item is a
larger volume shelved across the corridor from the
main collection on the relevant floor.
Depository - this means the item is held in our
closed basement. You simply need to request the
item by filling out a blue form at the desk. Material
can be collected within 15 minutes.
Other Library catalogues
There are links from our Library catalogue
front page (in the Other Resources menu) to
union catalogues which may be useful if you
wish to see whether a title which we do not
have is held elsewhere.
These include the Union List of Serials and
InforM25 covering academic libraries in the
London area and the national COPAC.
List of serials - printed
The list of serials is a useful quick reference
tool. It is an alphabetical wall list of all of our
current serial titles (including journals, law
reports, legislation).
All of the same information is available in our
catalogue but the list of serials can speed up
your search. It gives you the relevant
classmark and floor of the Library.
List of serials - online
The list of serials is also available on our
website via the electronic law library The web
list also has links to any available electronic
version of a title which we hold in paper form.
The list does NOT include titles which we
don’t have in paper form but which may be
contained within one of the databases. For
these you need to search the individual
databases Lexis, Westlaw and HeinOnline.
Legal abbreviations
You need the full title of a journal or law
report to search for it in the list of serials or
in the catalogue.
If you need to find out the full title of an
abbreviated serial on your reading list eg All E
R try the selected list of abbreviations at the
front of the list of serials or the web Cardiff
index to legal abbreviations.
Electronic information services
Most of the Library PCs are located on the 4th
floor (on the Concourse and in the Electronic
Information Unit). All PCs are open access
with no passwords required. They work on a
first come first served basis.
All PCs have access to the same resources
including internet access, access to all of our
electronic resources, word processing
Electronic information services
The main gateway through to our
electronic resources is the IALS
electronic law library. You will find an
icon for this page on every PC desktop.
The electronic law library lists all of our
electronic resources alphabetically with
links to each one.
Electronic information services
Some electronic resources are available
onsite only. This includes Lexis and
Westlaw databases.
The reason is that you can get offsite
access to many legal databases via your
own college library (usually an Athens
password). Simply ask at your college
library for details.
Electronic information services
The databases to which we do offer offsite
access for UL postgraduate students are:
HeinOnline database of US law journals databases – including Celex, UK
Statutes and Weekly law reports
Butterworths direct services - including All England
Direct and Legislation Direct
Lawtel UK database of summaries of UK cases,
legislation and journal articles
Casetrack database of unreported UK cases
Laptop computers can be connected at
points all around the Library with the
exception of one designated area on
the 2nd floor.
It is possible to access all IALS web
based resources via laptops.
Refer to the Connecting your computer
laptop guide for assistance.
There are networked printers on the Library
Concourse, in the Electronic Information Unit
and on floor L2.
You need to purchase a copycard first (see
photocopying section below)
Simply send your job to print, make a note of
the PC number you are at eg Reader12, go to
any one of the printers with your copy card
and follow the instructions provided.
Photocopying (1)
Most of the Library photocopiers are
located on the 4th floor. There is one
down on floor L2.
You can bring material up from other
library floors to be photocopied but
please return it to the reshelving
shelves opposite the Library lift on the
relevant floor when you have finished.
Photocopying (2)
You will need to buy a copy card before
making either photocopies or printing.
You can buy a plastic copy card for £1 from a
dispensing machine by the 4th floor
photocopiers. It has 18 units on it.
You can re-charge this card with coins or
notes in revaluators next to the dispensing
machine. 18 units are added for every £1.
And finally…
I hope you find the IALS Library
services useful to you during your LLM
If you have any queries about Library
resources and services do ask at the
Issue & enquiry desk or contact us on
[email protected].