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Chapter 5
Unit Rates
Problem #1
• Cinnamon Toast Crunch costs $4.20 for a 14
ounce box. Fruit Loops costs $3.90 for a 12
ounce box. Which cereal is the better buy?
Problem #2
• Ms. Lieber takes 4 hours to drive 210 miles
from her home to Yosemite National Park. If
Ms. Lieber’s average speed for the first two
hours is 60 miles per hour, find her average
speed for the last two hours.
Problem #3
• A fax machine can transmit 48 pages in 6
A) How many pages can the fax machine
transmit per minute?
B) How many pages can the fax machine
transmit in 10 minutes?
Problem #4
• Megan earns $9.50 per hour working at a day
A) How much will Megan earn if she works 4
B) How many hours will Megan have to work to
earn $57?
• Use the table:
Problem #5
Amount Paid
Amount Purchased
15 lb
3 lb
2 lb
Cost Per Pound
A) Which type of fruit costs the most per
B) What is the price difference per pound
between the most expensive fruit and the
cheapest fruit?
Problem #6
• Use the table:
First Day (Monday – Friday)
Every Additional Day
(Monday – Friday)
Weekend (Saturday and Sunday)
$45 per day
A) How much does it cost to rent a car for 3
B) How much does it cost to rent a car on Tuesday
and keep it for an entire week?
Problem #7
• Michaela charges $6.50 per hour to babysit.
How much would she earn in 12 hours?
Problem #8
• The drama club mixes paint needed for
scenery. To make green, the ratio is 2 pints of
blue per 3 pints yellow. How much yellow
paint is needed for 50 pints of blue paint?
Problem #9
• Find the UNIT Rate:
A) 120 eggs from 20 chickens
B) $55 for 20 people
C) 250 miles in 4 hours
D) 60 feet in 4 minutes
E) 48 books for 16 students
F) 56 children from 14 families
Problem #10
• Which is the BETTER Deal?
A) 8 ounces of shampoo for 89 cents or 12
ounces for $1.47?
B) 3 cans of soda for $1.27 or 5 cans of soda for
C) 10 pounds of hamburger for $4.99 or 5
pounds of hamburger for $2.69?
Problem #11
• Winnie is considering two plans for paying for
her piano lessons:
A) $68.40 for 6 piano lessons
B) $41.80 for 4 piano lessons
For which plan will Winnie pay a lower fee per
Problem #12
• A factory can assemble 150 cars in 3 hours.
A) What is the unit rate of cars assembled per
B) At this rate, how many cars can be assembled
in 8 hours?
Problem #13
• At a school store, each notebook has the same
price and each pencil has the same price.
Katie bought 5 notebooks for $4.50 and 12
pencils for $3.00 from the store. At the same
store, Dave bought 4 notebooks and 5 pencils.
What was the total price of the items Dave
Problem #14
• A 5-pound bag of flour costs $4.80. For this
bag of flour, what is the cost of flour per
Problem #15
• The table below
shows a partial price
list for boxes of
cookies. Each box of
cookies costs the
same amount of
• Complete the table: