HSBC & Information System

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Transcript HSBC & Information System

HSBC & Information
Done by: Hoda Hamze
Definition of IS
About HSBC
Sets of e-commerce used in HSBC
Before Using Information System in HSBC
After Using Information System in HSBC
The Advantages Gained from Using
Information System
 Types of Information Systems in Use
 Work Cited
What is Information System or IS?
◦ Is a combination of people’s activities and
information technology that support
operations, management and decision making.
◦ Is the way how people interact with technology.
Information System
HSBC: is an international bank that widely
involved in e-commerce business which is
among the main forms of business
transacted through the internet.
About HSBC
HSBC as a bank utilizes different types of ecommerce such as:
1. Business to Business(B2B): is the exchange of
information, products or services between
businesses. Such as: financial services.
2. Business to Customer(B2C): is the exchange of
information, products or services between
business and consumers. Such as: banking
3. Customer to Business(C2B): is a business model
in which consumers make a product or services
that a business use it to gain a competitive
Sets of e-commerce used in HSBC
The bank for a long time had been using a
manual system before the introduction of
internet banking.
◦ For example, a customer who would have
wished to open an account in another branch of
HSBC in another country where he operates in
was required to collect a statement from the
current branch and present it to the branch he
would want to open an account.
Before Using Information System
After using the internet banking customer
is able to open an account online without
the manual procedures or even work with
the old one.
After Using Information System in
Through the use of different forms of internet
banking services, HSBC has been able to
sufficiently serve its millions of international
 Management at different levels has been using
these IS types to make decisions such as; giving
out loans and credit cards.
 HSBC used the internet to manage its numerous
branches that are over 87 countries.
 HSBC has been able to operate effectively using
the IS technologies to provide internet banking.
The Advantages Gained from
Using Information System in HSBC
HSBC uses executive support system(ESS) in
its branches:
◦ ESS is a system that uses modeling tools and data
analysis of information in analyzing the information
resulting from the database created by its different
◦ ESS is the best to be used by the board of directors of
HSBC to make strategic decisions.
◦ This information is then organized in the transaction
processing system(TPS)
Types of Information System in
Transaction processing system:
The HSBC also uses the transaction processing system
(TPS) that:
is designed to process daily
transactions(information) accurately and efficiently.
◦ shows detail information of all transactions that take place in a
◦ This system forms the basis of all other systems such as ESS.
since it gives the most detailed information on HSBC’s operations.
◦ This information is used in making management information
system and management reports.
◦ The information in this system is used to design services as
needed by customers.
◦ The sales department use TPS in determining the mandatory
services that is needed, so they can come up with the most
effective promotional strategies.
◦ The TPS also provides most of the information that is posted on
HSBC website.
Types of Information System in
Use cont’d
Low Level Management
This is How information flows from
operations management to top management
Work Cited