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Lead Where You Are
Thomas R. Bogart
October 18, 2007
Something has to Change
Around Here!
“Everyone thinks about changing the
world but no one thinks of changing
- Leo Tolstoy
Where We Are
Lead where you are
Learn where you are
Grow where you are
Innovate where you are
Inspire where you are
Lexxie- a dog with attitude
No one owes you anything!
What's in Your Hand? Are
you Leveraging your
“Now is no time to think of what you do
not have. Think of what you can do with
what there is”.
- Ernest Hemingway
Influence- World, Our Industry, Life
Lets reflect -who influenced you, encouraged you, inspired
you most in your life? A ripple effect that impacts your
professional life today. Write down 3; Who? Why? When do
you most feel that impact?
“Do what you can, with what you have,
where you are.”
- Teddy Roosevelt
I bought 4 leadership books on looking for this
- Churchill on Leadership-Executive Success in Adversity
- Lincoln on Leadership-Executive Strategies in Tough Times
- Patton’s One-Minute Messages: Tactical Leadership Skills
- TR on Leadership: Executive Lessons from the Bully Pulpit
Tony said of Bill Walsh (late Coach of 49ers) “he never worried
about what players couldn’t do. He only cared about what
they could do”. Tony is that kind of leader too. Who else?
Industry, politics, hospitality- who is making a difference?
Your Current Role
• Do you add value,contribute,consume?
• What is your level of influence?
• How are you perceived-subordinates,
line staff,clients,suppliers,colleagues
• Who you are really determines the role
you represent; not what you do!
There are 4 kinds of people; those who add,
subtract, multiply, or divide.
How do you want to be viewed?
Do you feel fulfilled?
• Appreciated? Fully utilized?
• Don’t say “I am of no use where I am”you can certainly be of no use where
you are not.
• How about those around you?
• Are they where they want to be?
• Do you know?
• Do you even care?
Help Others Expand Their
Borders, Identify Their
“There is no limit to what a man can do or
where he can go if he doesn’t mind who
gets the credit”.
- Ronald Reagan
Be an encourager, a coach, a change agent,
foster innovation
“The ability to encourage others is one of life's biggest
-Henry Ford
Do You Want a More
Meaningful, Intentional Life?
• Are you playing to your strengths, or
submitting to weaknesses others keep
reminding you of?
• You can maneuver more than you think
• Break out of the Org Chart
• Are you flourishing? Stagnating?
Wherever you are in the organization, you
can create influence and…
Lead where you are!
Lead where I am?
• Do you want to make a difference? The
“Service profit chain” example.
• Engage- don’t detach
• Dig deeper- for things that last
• Change- the place you are
• Coach-impact beyond measure on your
team, colleagues
Be available and willing to invest time in
Reach out with honesty, respect, caring, as the opinions of
A Coaching Process
Listen, Value others
“It is only when we take time to listen and
understand what another person is
communicating to us that we will be
able to respond appropriately and in a
way that makes a difference”
- Dr. William E. Hall
Business Leader- former HP CEO
The Power of Questions; they are better than answers because
they help people focus on the essence of the issue.
“There is a gift in everything; what will you do with it. Focus on
common ground; don’t let others prejudice define who you
Government and Military Leader
Promote a clash of ideas
Probe the organization
Check your ego at the door
Broaden your bandwidth for learning and…
Learn where you are
Focus on your strengths, not weaknesses
Grow where you are
Find, Isolate, Build on Strengths, Manage
Around my Weaknesses.
“There are many good levers for engaging employees and
driving team performance; but the master lever is getting each
employee to play to his/her strengths; an engaged team will be
the result.”
- Marcus Buckingham
Sometimes you have to go out on a limb;
that’s where the fruit is…
Innovate where you are
Inspire where you are
It builds you, strengthens your team, brings value to your job ,
and brings new energy to your career, organization, family
and life.
Lead as an inspired person
1. How much does it matter in the lives of
people to be inspired?
2. Whose job is it to keep me inspired?
3. How best can I inspire my team?
4. Will my team look different in 5 years if
everyone were inspired?
In your organization or circle of influence,
what are some things you can do to be
Be inspired
Leverage my strengths and gifts
Hire passionate, inspiring people
Read inspiring books
Be with inspiring people
Attend inspiring events
Create inspiration in your work space
Be intentional
Reinventing an organization for greatness
Another example of a great book I plan to re-read
Faith Based inspirational books
I have shown others today; what books do you have waiting
on your shelf?
How can I inspire my Team?
Live a passionate motivated life
Stay charged up
Connect your team with grander causes
Learn what inspires each person, and
learn their language
• Identify demotivating issues at work,
and reduce/remove them.
• Celebrate
Taking on the Mantle of
• Assume responsibility in the
environment in which you find yourself.
• Many others have done the same
“Do what you can, with what
you have, where you are.”
- Teddy Roosevelt
Richard Curtis-Idol gives back
Mother Teresa
George Muller
Tuesday, October 30, 2007 at US Airways
Center; 8AM- 4:45 – Tickets for Each of You
Colin Powell
Zig Ziglar
Suze Orman
Lute Olson-U of A
Michael Eisner
Lead where you are!
At the beginning I mentioned my goal was 2-3 Takeaways for
each of you.
Who will share at least one thing they take with them today!