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Guess My Rule Alignment Lesson Day 42

Let’s Review Triangles

The Triangle Song

Perpendicular lines

intersect or meet to form right angles

Parallel lines

always are the same distance apart and never touch

Equilateral triangle Isosceles triangle

An equilateral triangle has all congruent sides An isosceles triangle has all at least two congruent sides

Vocabulary Review • Quadrilateral - a polygon with four sides

Vocabulary Review • Parallelogram - a polygon with two pairs of parallel sides • A rectangle is a parallelogram • A rhombus is a parallelogram • A square is a parallelogram

Vocabulary Review • Square - a parallelogram with all sides the same length and all right angles – Diagonals are congruent – Diagonals are perpendicular – A quadrilateral

Vocabulary Review • Rectangle - a parallelogram with all right angles – Diagonals are congruent – Opposite sides are congruent

Vocabulary Review • Rhombus - a parallelogram with all sides the same length • Diagonals are NOT congruent • Diagonals are perpendicular

Vocabulary Review • Trapezoid – a quadrilateral with ONLY one pair of parallel sides • Right trapezoid - a trapezoid with right angles

Vocabulary Review • Pentagon - a polygon with five sides

Vocabulary Review • Hexagon - a polygon with six sides

Vocabulary Review • Octagon – a polygon with eight sides

Vocabulary Review • Kite - A quadrilateral with two distinct pairs of congruent, adjacent sides and diagonals that intersect at a right angle.

What are ways to classify triangles?

Scalene Classify by the length of their sides Isosceles Equilateral Triangles Acute Classify by the measure of the angles Right Obtuse

Which types of quadrilaterals can be classified as parallelograms?

• Square • Rectangle • Rhombus

• • Is a trapezoid a parallelogram? Why or why not?

NO!!! A trapezoid is not a parallelogram because it only has ONE PAIR of PARALLEL SIDES!

What are the characteristics of a regular polygon?

All angles are congruent!

All sides are congruent!

Guess My Rule • Find Day 42, “Guess My Rule Shapes” • Quickly cut out the shapes • Watch as I model a game of Guess my Rule

Guess My Rule • • • • • • Purpose: Your goal is to have your partner guess your “rules” by naming shape numbers that fit into each side (or the middle) of a Venn diagram. Think of two different characteristics of shapes. These characteristics will become your imaginary “rules”.

Place a few shapes in each side or the middle of the diagram according to your rules.

Keep adding shapes on the diagram until your partner thinks he/she is ready to try and place a shape him/herself correctly in the diagram.

If your partner thinks he/she knows the rule, prove it only by naming a shape that fits the rule and not by telling the rule.

Don’t reveal your rules until all shapes have been sorted correctly!

Math Talk • • Let’s discuss the “sorts” you created today.

As you explain your sorts, use the math vocabulary we have discussed.

Word Bank of Math Vocabulary

Right Angle Obtuse Angle Acute Angle Triangle Isosceles Triangle Acute Triangle Quadrilateral Square Scalene Triangle Trapezoid Congruent Parallelogram Rectangle Rhombus Kite Hexagon Equilateral Triangle Octagon Pentagon Perpendicular Adjacent Parallel Angle Sides Diagonals

Homework Day 42, “Guess My Rule Journal Prompt”